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Question on physics c mechanics free response

JoeyPapagobichJoeyPapagobich 110 replies33 threads Junior Member

Does anyone have any advice about mechanics free response to a future test taker?

I took a sample one today in school and my teacher told me that I could not simply write equations and solve for variables, but rather I had to explain "conceptual understanding" of phenomenons with the new ap exam.

Like for example, instead of writing Ei = Ef [mechanical energy], I had to explain that there are no non conservative forces acting on the system, and then write out equations and solve. Basically, I teach the graders how to solve a problem that it is assumed they do not know how to solve in words while solving for variables, which is really annoying.

Does anyone have any experience in having to do the "conceptual understanding" wording on the free response in class, and if so, how to do it?

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