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Taking 7 AP classes Junior Year, Any advice?

Hidd3nBlad3sHidd3nBlad3s 26 replies1 threads Junior Member
I'm planning on taking 7 AP courses during junior year
AP Lang
AP Psych
AP Comp sci A (I'm taking this course online during the summer, so I have a head start)
AP Env Sci (same situation as comp sci A)
AP Art Hist
AP Human Geo
also pre-calc honors (I'll probably double up on math and take AP Stat along with this course)

Any advice guys?
1 replies
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Replies to: Taking 7 AP classes Junior Year, Any advice?

  • writerzt71writerzt71 141 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I am a senior and I also took seven APs this year: AP Literature, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Physics I, AP Human Geo, AP Euro, Chemistry II (Honors) and AP Chemistry. I made all A's.

    The key is having good time management. Do not procrastinate at all because with a workload like that you can quickly get left behind and swamped with assignments. If you realize that you should be doing homework and you are doing something not useful with your time, immediately get rid of the distraction and do school work. I was forced to eliminate procrastination early on this year and the more frequently I consciously corrected myself from distracting behaviors (like social media, going off on the internet, video games) the easier it was to make it a habit to avoid them almost entirely.

    Make sure to pay close attention in class: doing this greatly minimizes the amount of work/studying you have to do later on. On days that I was tired it was hard to pay attention in class and I would have to go back another day when I had more rest and learn the material on my own. This leads me to another thing ... try to prioritize sleep! It can be hard but try to get at the bare minimum 7hrs per night and then get extra on the weekdays. This will be even harder to do if you get involved in a lot of extracurriculars, but once again, time management will help.

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