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How did u guys get an a in AP chem.

legendarystatusplegendarystatusp 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey any resources you guys used while taking AP chem. How did you get an A? I spend so much time on this class it’s crazy but still only end up getting B’s on tests. I understand the content very well and it actually comes pretty easy to me. Also, the instructions on tests and labs are very vague, which confuses me. I think a main reason why I am struggling is that I am over studying. since I have no clue of what’s going to be on the test, I end up studying every single thing in the textbook, when a lot of material in the textbook is just extra. The tests are honestly pretty easy but I make silly mistakes.
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  • sciencegirl2024sciencegirl2024 36 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Hi! First, getting an A will be very specific to your own school because every teacher, even in AP classes, structures their class and gives assignments differently. The advice I'm giving here is just based off of my experience with one AP Chem teacher in one school.

    AP Chem is a very calculations-oriented class so understanding how to do the calculations is a major hurdle to overcome. IMO, the calculations are more important than memorizing every fact. This is not to say don't study facts, but I felt like the facts I did need to know stood out among the rest.

    AP Chem has a certain amount of mandatory labs, so unless your teacher is assigning a bunch just for fun, chances are there will be plenty of resources on the labs online. Try googling the name of the lab and reading another teacher's directions. They might make more sense than what your own teacher provided. (Warning: Make sure the instructions/compounds/amounts of compounds still match up. Some teachers customize the labs and you don't want to get thrown off by this and write wrong information for your assignment)

    When it comes to having too much material, try either asking your teacher for outlines of the chapters or just googling "[Textbook Name] Chapter [#] Outline". If you are using a common textbook then people will have already made outlines and you can fill them in and customize them to your own study needs.

    I didn't use these as much for in-class studying, but when it came time to take the AP exam, I found the Khan Academy videos and the Princeton Review book very helpful.
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  • vc2021vc2021 6 replies2 threads New Member
    I feel you. I’m also taking AP chem and have an A. Honestly, I think the only reason why I have a good grade is because I always ask my teacher how to do certain problems that I’m confused on. I stay in during lunch and get one-on-one help. But then again, it depends on how your teacher is. My teacher puts him AP chem students first and would waste his lunch time just to help us. Whenever you’re confused, just ask.

    Also, I watch Bozeman science on YouTube to better understand certain concepts.

    If you have a textbook for the class and use it often, try answering the practice problems in them.

    When it comes to notes, I highlight what the teacher says would be on the test and anything I need to strengthen my skills on.
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