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How many/which APs should I be taking?

knaga11knaga11 0 replies9 threads New Member
I know there's no magic number and that quality is better than quantity, but I'm worried colleges will think I'm not challenging myself enough, especially in the context of my school (tons of APs offered, classmates planning on taking 4+ as juniors).

I'm a sophomore leaned towards humanities subjects, STEM subjects are not my strongest suit but I'm always willing to put in extra work. I don't know exactly what I want to do in college, but I want to do the most I can do now so I can choose what I want when the time comes.

I took AP HuG as a freshman and got a 5, and currently in AP WH. I'm definitely taking AP Lang and AP USH next year, but are 2 APs enough for junior year? I was going to take French III over the summer so I can take AP French next year, but I figured I shouldn't accelerate a foreign language like that and do AP in my 3rd year so I've changed my mind.

I'm considering doing AP Physics 1 (did great in biology honors, doing great in chem honors), but I'm intimidated by the math (I finished last sem of Alg II with a 90). Would AP Physics 1 be risky/unnecessary considering my abilities/interests?

I am taking the AP Japanese exam (not the class) this year, and considering self-studying for the AP Psych exam next year.

I'm planning on doing orchestra all 4 years, but I'm a pretty average player, not at all impressive. It's not my favorite class in the world but I don't like the idea of quitting. If I need to make my schedule more rigorous, I would drop it. Staying would show commitment and involvement though...is that important?

I am probably taking AP Lit, AP Gov, AP ES, and AP French senior year. Should I also consider AP Calc/AP Stat?

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Replies to: How many/which APs should I be taking?

  • XtremeBlaze777XtremeBlaze777 156 replies16 threads Junior Member
    edited February 18
    First of all, a 90 is good, especially in a subject you don't feel too confident in. Also, you need to take a math senior year, so you kinda have to take either calc or stats. Even if finishing precalc covers your school's grad reqs, colleges want to see the four cores all throughout high school even if you have credits from middle school.

    AP Physics 1 is challenging and will take work but I don't think the math will be your issue. It will be math-intensive in the sense that it will feel more like an applied math class rather than a science class, but the math itself should be relatively simple. Just make sure to get a grasp on Trigonometry. If you don't feel comfortable with the math, you can alternatively take APES junior year and AP Physics 1 senior year. If you choose to take calc, even if it is just AB or a regular course, it will really complement Physics 1 (I know there is no calculus in it but it really helps with the understanding).
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