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self study

ultmtdreamultmtdream 168 replies28 threads Junior Member
edited October 2007 in AP Tests Preparation
I want to self study an AP but the school is not allowing me to. I'm determined to take the AP, so do you think that other schools in my area will allow me to sit for the exam? has anybody here done this before? Did it work out alright?
edited October 2007
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Replies to: self study

  • llpitchllpitch 4238 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Yeah just try other schools.

    That's pretty ridiculous that they won't allow you though.
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  • al6200al6200 1513 replies66 threads Senior Member
    When I said I was self-studying for two APs, my school seemed a tad bit skeptical that I'd do well (I did do well), but let me sign up.

    I think if you really talk to them and show them how well you know the subject, they might budge a little bit. If not, try going to another school.

    I think self-studying for APs isn't a bad idea, especially for the easy APs (Human Geography, Psychology), but I'd really, really, really recommend you don't self study any of the AP Sciences, since they're HARD!!!!
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  • ultmtdreamultmtdream 168 replies28 threads Junior Member
    yeah, well, I'm planning on self-studying a science. It's alright, because I'm pretty confident on a 5 even if I took the test now.

    my school said that it would put too much pressure on me.
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  • hifihifi 174 replies0 threads Junior Member
    start working the phone.
    try neighboring districts.
    try private schools.
    go to the administration.
    go to the district admin.
    go to the state board of ed.
    go to a neighboring state?
    go up through the chain.
    don't take no for an answer.
    keep dialing.
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  • ultmtdreamultmtdream 168 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Argh, they still will not allow me to take the exam. This is so stupid..... does anybody have any more advice? the neighboring schools won't let me. (at least the ones I've called so far.. I'll keep calling).. is there anything else I can do? I don't want to sit in the class next year; it'll be a waste of time because I really do know the material.
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  • llpitchllpitch 4238 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Get your parents to raise hell.

    Schools have to listen to parents.
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  • YanksDolphinsYanksDolphins 1052 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Well they don't HAVE to, but if the superintendent/principal wants to keep his/her job they should.
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  • llpitchllpitch 4238 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Obviously I meant that, stop taking things literally.
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