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AP Chem: Hardest AP Class?

monkeycloudmonkeycloud Registered User Posts: 232 Junior Member
edited August 2012 in AP Tests Preparation
I've heard several people say that AP Chem was the hardest AP Class curriculum-wise. Is this true? How does AP Bio compare?
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Replies to: AP Chem: Hardest AP Class?

  • siddharthdhamisiddharthdhami Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    No...I am taking AP Biology and AP Chem (at the same time) and it's so cool...(I have A's in both)...but, you really have to put time and effort into both of them (Bio & Chem)...

    I think that-

    Chem = problem solving....the more you practice the better you become

    Bio = read, read, read...the more you read, the more you will understand or remember...

    Good Luck if you're takin' it!
  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper Registered User Posts: 1,744 Senior Member
    Hmm. Actually, from all of my AP classes, I think AP Bio is the most difficult, if not, then English Lit (I've taken Chem, US Govt, Calc AB, Calc BC, and English Lang.)

    I'm not very much of a "memorize and read this" kind of person; I'm more about processes, which is essentially what US Govt and Chem are (I thought those were the easiest, though I only got a 4 on the chem exam.)
  • sports61khsports61kh Registered User Posts: 1,025 Senior Member
    sidd, how hard is doubling up on 2 AP sciences? i'm thinking of doing that next yr w/ chem and physics
  • iceburns288iceburns288 Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    Yes. Easily. The amount of work and difficulty of the material combined makes the class the hardest I have taken. I'm in AP Bio and Physics this year, and they are both pretty easy, so two AP sciences is no problem.

    I wouldn't take Chem senior year though, because there is so much material to know that you would have to keep up the work to the end of the year :p.
  • thegeneralguythegeneralguy Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Hardness is subjective. I am breezing through AP Chem even whil taking 4 other APs. I find the hardest is English 3. But you might find English easy. You can't compare ap's on "hardness" or "workload" since AP is just a curriculum that the school districts follow.
  • jenksterjenkster Registered User Posts: 842 Member
    AP Biology is much harder than AP Chemistry in my opinion. AP Biology has much more material. It's a lot like AP US History where a strict timeline or course syllabus really helps. Chemistry didn't need that cause even my loose class finished 2 weeks ahead of the exam.
  • rb9109rb9109 Registered User Posts: 386 Member
    Many people say Chemistry is the hardest AP exam, but our school is blessed with an excellent AP Chemistry teacher. In fact, he "founded" the AP program at our school 30 years ago, and for last year's AP class: 90 percent 5's (one of them was me). On the other hand, my AP European History teacher's rating is 40 percent PASSING! I love history, but that class was a nightmare. Needless to say, I was the only 5. I think it depends highly upon your interest in the subject matter and the teacher.
  • mytra_ob_Craziermytra_ob_Crazier Registered User Posts: 256 Junior Member
    MAny would say that Ap phys c is the hardest AP. i don't really AP chem is that hard. I am in phys c and i don't think it is super hard either ( but electricity and magnetism in 2 semester would be harder i think). . Just study and you will be fine.
  • hebrewhammerhebrewhammer Registered User Posts: 869 Member
    Last year as a Jr I took AP bio and this year I'm in Chem, Phys C, CS AB, and Calc BC. I definitely have more work in those than I had in bio but I'd say bio was still harder. Part of it was that my bio teacher was absolutely insane and she's known for being one of the craziest/hardest teachers in the school.
    Chem doesn't seem too hard to me, but I took Honors Chem sophomore year and most of what we've done so far is just review from that. Also, this is my school's first AP chem class in probably 7+ years, so I don't know if my teacher is fully on schedule with the curriculum. My physics class is pretty easy too because my teacher is new to our school and she's really, really nice.
  • nhsharvardnhsharvard Registered User Posts: 1,947 Senior Member
    AP Biology is definitely not harder then AP Chemistry.

    There is a lot of content to study for the AP Biology test, but AP Chemistry is harder because it involves more math.

    I am more of a memorzing person. I tend to do better on tests do not involve logic.

    If I were to order AP science classes from easiest to hardest I would rank them: AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics b, and AP Physics C.
  • sports61khsports61kh Registered User Posts: 1,025 Senior Member
    is it necessary for someone to have taken chem honors b4 AP chem? would it still be manageable even for someone who only took basic chem?
  • you'llsee...you'llsee... Registered User Posts: 4,535 Senior Member
    The difficulty of the classes (bio and chem) will differ from school to school. However, the popular consensus is that the AP CHem. Exam is harder than the AP Bio exam...but even this depends on the test taker.
  • CurrySpiceCurrySpice Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    AP chem is BY FAR the hardest AP class I've taken, although the teacher makes it purposefully difficult so that we all get 4/5s on the AP exam. So I guess it'll be beneficial in the long run? (after shooting down my GPA).

    AP bio was a really easy class for me and I got a 4 on the exam with very little studying.

    AP psychology is such a simple class/exam... its like the AP for regular students.

    AP French lit class isn't that hard, but I feel like the exam might be insane.

    AP calculus is my easiest class by far and every student who completes the class with an A average gets a 5 on the exam (whoot!) (not automatically, teacher's just awesome).
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    This thread is silly; if you get a crappy teacher in ANY AP class, the class is not going to be easy (unless you decided to self-study)...It depends on the teacher(as long as you were qualified to be in the class in the first place)....We have a great AP Chem teacher; yea, the class is harder but the students do fairly well both in class and on AP exam....On the other hand, our AP Econ teacher really stinks; shows powerpoints all day; doesn't explain anything...Supposedly an easy AP right? The students are struggling without any real teaching.....
  • shanog2shanog2 Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Uhm ya, I took all the AP science classes last year when I was only a junior and I didn't find any of them hard(obviously considering I received 5's on all of my exams and had an A(some A+s(one of which was a 100 average)) in all of them. I thought the problem was that everyone gets so jealous of how smart you are that they don't like you, but who really cares. I'm just glad all of you strangers know how much of a genius I am, I have completed my daily obnoxiousness/pretentiousness so I'm all set here.
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