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AP Calculus AB 2008

HurtHurt Registered User Posts: 421 Member
edited August 2008 in AP Tests Preparation
(since we don't have a thread)

I only studied the FRQ's and chapter-by-chapter review we had in class. Besides that.. I worked through 20 FRQ's or so the night before the test and slept early. (the only AP I slept early for) I feel like I got owned on the MC. I had no time to check non-calc. on calc, there were derivatives and integrals i couldn't do (should figure those out for bc).. I didn't do one of the FRQ's. Everything else I think was right, besides the one in non-calc that ended with the section that asked you to evaluate the limit from the second part. I got the second part wrong by a little.. so.. >_>.. meh.

I did get a 5 though. :D I'm happy.
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Replies to: AP Calculus AB 2008

  • smart.cookiesmart.cookie Registered User Posts: 1,468 Senior Member
    I thought the test was actually surprisingly easy compared to several example tests we took in class. I answered all the MC questions (with confidence) and the FRGs weren't too bad (although I have yet to receive my score, curse you CB).
  • FreestylaFreestyla Registered User Posts: 367 Member
    I'm a slacker by nature and I pretty much cruised through the entire year since my teacher never checked homework. My grades were mid 80's, low 90's in class and my teacher thought I'd probably get either a high 3 or low 4 based on my final exam.

    My college only gives credit for AP scores of 4 or 5 so I was praying for a 4...

    You can imagine how surprised I was when I heard over the phone that I got a 5!!!!!

    I thought I rocked the MC, but I felt like it was too easy so I thought I made silly errors. I thought I bombed the FR. I guess it all worked out in the end!
  • theceotheceo Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I actually thought the opposite, that the MC was super hard and the FR no problems, although I got all sorts of weird stuff on the differential equation one. But I was really worried about the MC, yet I got a 5. The curve must be super nice this year.
  • blackberryblackberry Registered User Posts: 533 Member
    The MC was pretty easy, but I was really worried since I got like 6 B's in a row. The FRQs were really hard. I skipped about 3 sections, and I got the wrong answer for some of them... After getting 630 on the Math II subject test in May, I thought I was going to get a 3 or lower for sure.

    But I ended up getting a 5 (yet I still struggle with limits!). (:
  • Stella14Stella14 Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    My teacher is dedicated, so she had 8 hour review sessions for a few days before the exam. I hated it then, but it paid off!

    I thought the MC was easy, but I skipped or didn't get an answer for 3 or 4 FRQs. For one I just put an integral!

    I got a 5.
  • southpawsdsouthpawsd Registered User Posts: 65 Junior Member
    This year's Calc AB Exam was overall pretty easy. My teacher told us after the test that she thought it was a lot easier than last year and that the curve would be lower. I thought the multiple choice couldn't have been easier, but the free response was a bit difficult. My teacher prepared us very well with about 2 months of review and I got a 5.
  • tingsquaredtingsquared Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    ^ Same here. Amazing teacher! We reviewed 1 or 2 month before the actual test. I didn't really study for this test, crammed for US History until 2 though.

    I felt really good knowing that around 60% was a 5. I'm happy with my 5, want a 5 next year on BC though. The MC was okay, my class practiced a ton for the FRQ though, so I did well on that.

    Oh, and I've always wondered, how can people cram for math the night before? I mean if you didn't get calculus all year, how are you suppose to see the light the night before the test?
  • HansTARHansTAR Registered User Posts: 133 Junior Member
    so our calc class started with a robust 14 students. Bets were placed as to who would be the first to drop. Eventually that person dropped first. At semesters end we had another 3 students peter out. 2 weeks into the sedond semester saw 2 more students bow out, while at the same time gaining a transfer from another school. The final student to leave (as well as the final girl) left after getting caught shoplifting and getting expelled. Out of 8 students, only 3 had enough balls to actually take the exam.

    I got a 2 on a practice test we took. I didnt know how to do differential equations very good. My teacher only graded homework on completion. I easily confused the Volume disk/shell methods with each other. I never learned how to properly use my TI83 calc program. My calcmate studies 3 hhrs the night before while i studied 20 min.i couldnt for the life of me get problems that asked you to find the slope of the cmposite of g of f of x and such and if h of f of x is f of g, etc.

    Yet I got a 5. =)
  • MASTER MENACEMASTER MENACE Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    I got a 5.

    MC was a walk in the park, but the 1st FR problem, the last question I bombed completely.
  • faithinhimfaithinhim Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    I (by a miracle) got a 5. I didn't feel adequately prepared. I loved the MC. But, I figured I'd fell for a bunch of traps since it seemed so easy. FRQ was so-so...half-easy...half-hard...
  • An0malyAn0maly Registered User Posts: 2,792
    FRQ was very different, and probably more challenging. The MC was extremely simple.

    I got a 5.
  • Ren the SAT'erRen the SAT'er Registered User Posts: 2,303 Senior Member
    lol @ HanSTAR
    really just LOL.
    well my experience is quite similar to everyone else's .
    i was a junior, wasn't expecting to take calc this yr, had precal+stats planned out,but calc was in my schedule. i didn't back down, i stayed in the class.
    first few days of calc was like greek T T
    throughout the year i slacked off; i did portions of the hw my teacher assigned, most of the time i was lost. but i started to pick up the deeper concepts that others don't realize.
    im really adept with my calc lol. i know the integrals,derivatives thing on my ti 83, but i never thought of getting a high grade.
    till late march, our class started to prep, some frqs at a time. when i got home, i did collegeboard's past frqs, 12 frqs per yr, over an expand of 8 ? 7? years, i did almost 100ish frqs.
    patterns emerged, i feel so confident with the frq.
    then before the ap exam, we took a practice test, the MC was a breeze, frq(though i did all of them prior to the test) is not too hard too,even if i had never seen the questions before =p, i got a 5 on the practice
    so a month of prep, im confident. i took the exam, MC was easy lol. frq, on other hand, was T T. it's slightly diff from the ones i studied in past frqs, i bombed the limit part, other than that,i did okay, some stupid mistakes along the way, but w/e lol
    right after the test, i feel i got a high 4 or a low 5, meaning im on the brink of 4 and 5 lol.

    score came in
    Calculus AB 5
    i laughed for 10 mins LOL.
    im the only junior in my class(16ish students), so far im the only 5, there are like four 4's i know, some 3's. so proud =]

    on a side note: i never really understood how the shell's method thingy works, the revolution one. i never used the U-substitution,it's so unsmart.i used my own unique way lol.
  • CatchAFallinStarCatchAFallinStar Registered User Posts: 167 Junior Member
    The MCs were ridiculously easy. I answered all of the MCs with 5-10 min to spare. The FRQs, on the other hand, were REALLY HARD LOL. I didn't understand how to do the calculator portion until AFTER I finished the non-calculator portion. Fortunately I had enough time to finish the calculator portion DURING the non-calculator portion (yes, without the calculator)

    Anyway I left the exam feeling not so happy about it, because my math work was all over the place and there were soo many scribbles that I can barely follow my work. Gosh, at that point I was hoping for at least a 4, but hey I end up getting a 5 LOL.
  • An0malyAn0maly Registered User Posts: 2,792
    @ Ren the SAT'er - shells is kinda complicated to explain through text, but you didn't need to know it for any problem on the ap exam.
  • MASTER MENACEMASTER MENACE Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    I had an incredible calc teacher. Prepared full 2 full 20+ classes this past year (including me haha) and I got a 5.

    I breezed through the MC with confidence and I THOUGHT I bombed the FR.

    Ima destroy Calc BC.
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