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Could my guidance do this to me??

ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
edited April 2009 in AP Tests Preparation
If there was another thread similar to this, I apologize in advance...

My school offers this AP course... I'm enrolled in the course, yet I'm planning to drop it. I want to drop it because I don't like the people in the course (For some reason, my classmates just didn't work out and all, and my teacher isn't that great either), not because I don't like the subject. I already paid for my exam and stuff, and I still really want to write the exam because I really love the subject and I totally don't mind self-studying the rest. However, when I told the guidance I wanted to drop the course, they were like, no, we're not going to let you write the exam because you're dropping the ap course. I was like... what?? Could they actually bar me from writing the exam (And refund 13 dollars less than the original exam price) just because I'm dropping the course? What do I do??

I kind of need a reply ASAP before it gets too late and stuff...
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Replies to: Could my guidance do this to me??

  • SwaGGeReRSwaGGeReR Registered User Posts: 942 Member
    I'm pretty sure you have free reign to choose what AP exams you choose to take...

    The school has control over the courses you take, but I don't think they can regulate what AP exams you take.
  • dannys717dannys717 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    Even though guidance can't tell you that you can't take an AP test, you still have to go through them to order the test, so they can refuse. You can try either contacting another school to see if you can order the AP through them, or just try putting up with the class for another month.
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
    But they already ordered the exams like a week ago (Like on the day of the deadline lol). And I must say, they're pretty unorganized people since I was like one of the few people who paid in advance (which is quite unfair because they're saying that if I drop the course, they refund 13 less dollars).

    Putting up with class for another month... don't like the idea of that. First of all, I don't really need that credit in the first place, and secondly, the teacher doesn't know how to teach so we're spending time on unnecessary stuff that's not going to be convered on the AP tests. According to stats, only 2 people from my school got a 5 on the exam (out of 10 people who took it, I think?), yet the course is pretty much the hardest course in the school. Pretty much only the brightest people take it, but the class average is one of the lowest. So this pretty much means that I'm much better off preparing for the exam myself than wasting time in the course.
  • littlemikey4littlemikey4 Registered User Posts: 359 Member
    finish up the course and take the exam, you've already made it this far in the year
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
    The course is semestered.. so we started only in February...

    So are you guys saying that they're actually allowed to prevent me from writing the exam even after they've ordered them and I've paid?
  • U.Va_hopefulU.Va_hopeful Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    suck it up and take the dang class. i mean seriously? "I don't like my classmates"? That's not really a valid reason to drop a class unless they're like actively and constantly harassing you or something. Especially if you actually like the subject.
    Some time in a partially incompetent class is actually better than no time in the class at all, when it comes to self-studying for the exam anyways. I mean unless they're just teaching you incorrect information...unlikely.
    I could see maybe dropping the class if you weren't learning anything and weren't planning on self-studying...but. whatever.

    and you should probably contact collegeboard about the policy of them preventing you from taking the exam after you've paid and they've been ordered. instead of listening to a bunch crazy teenagers who have no real idea what we're talking about (me included). :)
    hope it all works out for you!
  • pink33837pink33837 Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    ttyl8 I dont wanna be harsh but I have to agree with the person above me. At least it's just one course. In my school there are only 20 people in the 11th grade and are always the same people in every single lesson. Truse me you dont know how it feels to be surrounded with a buch of careless and retarted hooligans ALL DAY LONG!
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member

    Good response, but why don't you take it from the other point of view- why should I stay in the course? Seriously, if you're telling me to stay in a course just to take an exam, you've got to try harder to convince me otherwise. Why should I put up with arrogant classmates and unnecessary work just to write one exam that costs 83 dollars?

    Even if I do contact CollegeBoard, I don't think they can do anything about it, right? I just want to know if the same thing happens in your schools or not. On another post, people mention that if their guidance simply doesn't let them take it (Just because of some stupid reason), then they can't do anything about it.
  • U.Va_hopefulU.Va_hopeful Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    um. I don't know you. I couldn't care less if you take the class/exam or not, so I'm not going to try to convince you of anything. I was just giving my advice. When it comes down to it, it's completely your decision.

    And if you contact collegeboard, they may be able to tell you whether it's "legal" for guidance to tell you you can't take the exam when you've already paid for it, and while they may not be able to do anything about it, you could always take that information to the guidance office and they may change their minds if they see that they're going against collegeboard policy. (wow that is one crazy run-on sentence)

    And at my school everyone in an AP class is required to take the exam, so we pretty much know from the beginning whether we're doing it or not. (and we're in the class all year, so we have more time to deal with stuff like this). Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    and wow pink, that SUCKS :(
    ...college will be better :)
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
    sorry... when I used "you" in my last post, I meant the universal definition of "you", not "you you" lol (sorry if that doesn't make sense)

    at my school, it's pretty much your choice whether to take the exam or not, since they can't force you to pay 83 bucks..

    And it's pretty much a course I don't need (It's not like it's math or physics...), so I have no clue why it caused a problem when I wanted to drop it

    Well, it's not legal for any guidance counsellor to refuse a student from taking an AP exam unless the student is for some reason ineligible (according to CB's policy) or didn't pay. They know it's not legal already (I already told them and they checked out the website), so yeah...
  • U.Va_hopefulU.Va_hopeful Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    ok that makes sense

    and if it IS "illegal" or against their policy, then maybe CB will do something about it. you could always ask?

    I mean they can't have these policies if they don't enforce them...right?
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
    I e-mailed CB like yesterday...

    I hope you're right about that... but then again, in the other thread, some guy said that since his math department didn't let him write it, so he couldn't sign up for the exam. I guess it's possible that he could've contacted some other school to write it, but then my case is different since I already paid for my exam and they've already ordered it..

    why can't AP exams be like SAT's in which I could just register online and go somewhere to write it? Why did they make it so that students have to go through guidance people to register??
  • tim739`tim739` Registered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
    I know it's already been said but ttyl8, that's kind of ridiculous that you would drop the ap class because you don't like your classmates (unless they're actively harassing you). I'm sure when you're older that you'll get a job with people you don't like, are you going to quit your job and jeopardize your career because you don't like your classmates? Stick with the class.
  • rachael525rachael525 - Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
    What'd CB say?
  • ttyl8ttyl8 Registered User Posts: 414 Member
    CB said that a school is not obligated to accomodate anyone, but they didn't really answer the question "What happens if I've already paid, and they've already ordered the exam" It seems that their answer applies more to people are still trying to get a school to try to administer the exam for them.

    I would agree with tim that it is rediculous for a student to drop a course just because a student doesn't like his/her classmates. However, there isn't a good reason to stay in the class either (other than writing the AP exam, but who wants to stay in a class just to write an exam??). I mean, it's human geo... I don't even need the credit and I'm not even going into something related to human geo. The exam would get me a college credit for distribution though..

    Well, actually, the guidance changed their reasons together to something more rediculous- they're not letting me write the exam just because I am dropping out of that class. They're saying that if I never took that class, then they would've let me write that exam. This is quite ironic, if you think about it, because in a general sense, a person who has took half a course would be more prepared than a person who never took the course in the first place.
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