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AP Economics: Easy/Hard?

applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
edited July 2009 in AP Tests Preparation
I know that the difficulty of an AP course can largely depend on the student and the teacher, but there is usually a very general consensus among the student community. AP Psychology is generally considered easy and AP Chem is generally considered hard, right? Well, where is AP Economics on the spectrum? Is it easy (1) or really hard (10)? Is it just about right (5)? I'm curious because I'm considering my schedule for next year. So far I know I'm taking:

AP Biology
AP Statistics

I need a total of five classes, preferably with three AP classes (maybe three and a half). I'm also taking two classes at the local community college, but they should not really get in the way. These are my other options:

AP Psychology (half credit)
AP Economics (the one in question)
Japanese I / Chinese I / Latin I (doesn't matter)
Honors World History (blow off class)
World Literature (total blow off class)

Right now I'm thinking AP Bio, AP Stat, AP Economics, and two other classes, depending on how hard AP Economics will be. If it's hard, I'll choose New Language I and World History or World Literature. If it's fairly easy, I'll choose AP Psychology and one of the blow off classes.

P.S. - It's AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics combined.
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Replies to: AP Economics: Easy/Hard?

  • lattentlattent Registered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    Im currently taking AP econ and its not hard at all. Ive had a 95% in the class both semesters and on the macro final everyone in my class got a B or above. i think its been the easiest AP class of all, the AP test is also pretty easy.
  • mcgooglymcgoogly Registered User Posts: 331 Member
    Yeah it's pretty easy if you're not brain dead. It's essentially kinda the same as physics - concept, equations, and then plugging numbers into the equations and manipulating them to find things. Except whereas AP Physics involves hard calculus, AP Econ is basically simple graphs and rudimentary algebra (7th grade math). And the concepts are kinda important in real life.

    Do it. Oh, and do AP World History too. If I were you, I would take
    AP Bio
    AP Stat
    AP Econ
    Language (but why don't you continue with your old language?)
    AP Psychology (only one term)
    AP World History (is this 2 terms in your school? Either way, 6 classes one term and 5 the other isn't too tough)
  • 1992199219921992 - Posts: 102 Junior Member
    dude its nothing like physics. Physics is harder than Economics, by 1000000x. Economics is structured as a one-semester course. I swear to you, it's probably, after ap environmental science, the easiest AP (its so basic...trust me when i came into it i was like holy **** this will be hard, but after taking it, its like not even an AP...everyone in my school, stupid or dumb, has one thing in common: ap microeconomics is so easy for them.)
  • vasudevankvasudevank Registered User Posts: 754 Member
    If you are good at math and can read graphs then AP Economics is probably very easy. If you can't do math/read graphs and then it will be harder, but still not too hard. We learn a lot of economics as we grow up, because of the nature of our economic system (capitalism)
  • mcgooglymcgoogly Registered User Posts: 331 Member
    19921992 wrote:
    dude its nothing like physics. Physics is harder than Economics, by 1000000x. Economics is structured as a one-semester course.
    I mean the way it's taught and structured, it's basically the same as a physics course. That said, when I compared the two in NO WAY was I making a comparison of toughness. AP Econ is SOO much easier than physics, and yeah it's a pretty easy AP

    But fyi, your school probably does it differently than the OP's. Economics is structured as a 2-semester course, one for AP Micro and one for AP Macro. But if you have AP Micro as a full year course, dude that must be so so so ridiculously easy. Either way, OP should take the course AND take all the other APs
  • applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
    I'm not continuing with my old language because it's Spanish IV. There's no way I'd even begin to pass AP Spanish, since I'm barely going to pass Spanish IV. I transfered from a really lax school to a much tougher school AND I've had about two years between Spanish courses, so AP Spanish is out of the question. Thanks for the advice, though. At my school, it's AP Micro and AP Macro all together in one year (you can just take one or the other, but that would serve no purpose for me). I am taking five classes all year plus two classes at the community college - I go to a distance learning school, so I set my own schedule. I kind of ruled out AP World History because I've taken AP Euro. Actually, why was Honors World even on my list?

    I am a sort of limited because I have to pay for these classes myself, so... I can't go way overboard; I want money left to take classes at the community college. So this is what my list is looking like:

    AP Statistics (tough, but not bad - math is one of my weakest)
    AP Biology (difficult)
    AP Economics (easy)
    AP World History (can't be that hard - I have taken AP Euro and AP US and other globally-oriented courses, plus I have a vested interest in World History)

    Freshman Composition
    Introduction to Political Science

    I just need one last class. I don't think I can manage another AP course in that empty spot, not if I take AP World... and an added benefit would be that it's easy. So I have these options:

    Physics (ridiculously hard)
    World Literature (ridiculously easy)
    New Language I (easy to average)

    It's great to know that AP Economics is easy, though.
  • user_007user_007 Registered User Posts: 366 Member
    Macro's easy. Draw the graphs and it gives you all the answers.
  • applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
    How's this for a senior schedule?

    AP Statistics
    AP Biology
    AP Economics
    AP World History
    AP Psychology (.5)
    World Literature

    By the way, I'd be doing these courses in about 29 weeks as opposed to 36.

    (P.S. - Without any community college classes.)
  • vasudevankvasudevank Registered User Posts: 754 Member
    I think you would be fine.
  • shanghainoonshanghainoon Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey if I were you, I'd never take a half term Psych! If you take an AP for half a semester only then it looks as if you are dropping out of an AP! Unless you are just taking AP Macro/Micro (which are 2 half semester APs)

    Stat is fair
    AP/honors Physics is fair too
    Economics are pretty fundamental to know! they might be easy!
  • applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
    I can't believe this got bumped. Anyway, it wouldn't look like I was dropping out - that's all the school offers, which the college will know or look up if they want to know. I couldn't afford to take a class at the local college next fall, so now I have a whole new dilemma... just my luck. Right now my schedule is hopelessly lost:

    AP Statistics
    AP Biology
    AP Economics (Macro & Micro)
    Japanese II

    AP English Language (even though I've already taken English 11 and AP Lit... now that I can't take a class at the community college, I have to find another English to take!) and Honors World History


    AP World History and World Literature (English elective)

    So I'm a little off the topic of my own thread, but any advice?
  • XcelleratorXcellerator Registered User Posts: 1,678 Senior Member
    Take AP World History. You don't need Eng Lang since you've already taken AP Lit.
    Schedule looks good. :]

    Macro isn't that hard, and I can't say anything about Micro since I haven't taken it.
  • Salve!Salve! Registered User Posts: 1,551 Senior Member
    Macro is not bad. I took the class first semester and had to review everything the day before the test. I got a 5 on it. Just read over everything, know the graphs, and you have all of your answers.
  • applicannotapplicannot Registered User Posts: 4,366 Senior Member
    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll do alright in Economics because... well, I might not be interested, but it's something I really need to know for life and have to know for my major. Usually that's enough impetus to keep me studying. And yes, I've decided to take AP World History / World Literature.
  • mormandermormander Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    So I am a Junior (with six APs under my belt) and I am thinking about my schedule for next year. I already plan on taking:
    AP Stats
    AP US Gov
    AP Eng Lit
    (and band)
    I'm the kind of person that hates math, but if I push forward I can get it. Considering my math track record and my course load, how difficult do you think AP Econ (Macro/Micro) will be for me?
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