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University of Oregon / safety architecture schools

wndrerwndrer 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited May 27 in Architecture Major
I'm looking to go into a B.Arch program and my list so far includes VT, IIT, and UO. I have a 1350 SAT (might be retaking) and a 3.6 unweighted gpa with 6 APs so far (more to come senior year) and decent extracurriculars with leadership and drafting experience. I'm working on a portfolio. UO's site says that their preferred gpa is 3.25 and preferred SAT is 1190, and the example portfolios don't look all too hard to match, but I see good things about their program so I don't know how easy it really is to get in. Is UO a good safety for me? Or should I find some more? What are some easier colleges to get into with a B.Arch program? (I'm from Washington and both UW and WSU offer M.Arch only. I'd be willing to do that as a safety, but if it's more competitive than UO I'm not so sure. I'd love to hear feedback about those, too.)
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Replies to: University of Oregon / safety architecture schools

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83404 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Can you afford UO?
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  • CamasiteCamasite 197 replies7 threads Junior Member
    edited May 27
    Portland State has an architecture program with a BS or BA in Architecture, and would be much cheaper than UO because you would have WUE tuition. So that would be an obvious safety school. UO doesn't participate in the WUE so you pay full OOS tution.

    You might qualify for some OOS merit money at UO. https://financialaid.uoregon.edu/scholarships_freshmen

    You might look at Arizona State which is, I think, slightly higher rated than UO in architecture and I think also participates in the WUE so you'd have reduced OOS tution.
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  • merc81merc81 11806 replies201 threads Senior Member
    If you might consider a B.A. in architectural studies, look into HWS's program.

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  • momrathmomrath 6022 replies39 threads Senior Member
    @wndrer, Oregon has a solidly good architecture program with a focus on design and sustainability. Some of the most admired firms in the Pacific Northwest were founded by alumni/ae.

    It's difficult to project acceptance rates at schools of architecture as few release reliable statistics. Overall acceptance rates at the parent university can be an indicator, but there are exceptions depending on the prestige of the architecture school. Programs that require (or recommend) portfolios tend to put more emphasis on the design side of architecture, so a strong portfolio is a plus.

    Some others that you might look at are Auburn, Kansas State and the University of Miami.

    If you decide to go the BA/BS + MArch route you'll have many options; however, that's a different educational experience from the BArch. You first need to decide which is better for you (and most affordable). Many BA/BS students go on to get their MArchs at different universities. Also admission to MArch programs is not necessarily automatic for the university's own BA/BS students.
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  • wndrerwndrer 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I think that I'm just looking to make sure that I apply to enough colleges to ensure that I get into some architecture program. I'm pretty set on it as a career and I'd prefer to do B.Arch over M.Arch (to cut down on time, for one thing) but I'm not sure which colleges would take me. If M.Arch was easier to get into over B.Arch, I'd prefer to do it at home, but UW's program looks difficult to get into, which is why I hesitate there, and I just don't know that much about WSU. Among what's been listed, what are good safety B.Arch schools and what do their programs look like?
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  • momrathmomrath 6022 replies39 threads Senior Member
    @wndrer, That's the problem: Most BArch programs don't publish application or acceptance data so you can only extrapolate based on the acceptance rate of the parent university and the reputation of the school of architecture.

    You could try contacting the schools of architecture directly for information, but my experience has been that it's hard to come by. My guess is that Oregon and the schools I listed (plus Arizona) are likely admits for you. If a portfolio is required or recommended then your chances of admissions increase in proportion to the strength of your portfolio. However, statistics comparing architectural school to architecture school admission rates are not widely available.
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  • UpstateNY12UpstateNY12 3 replies5 threads New Member
    I would consider applying early to Oregon and other schools that have rolling or EA options. You potentially could hear back before Thanksgiving. Last year my son heard back from both Oregon and Penn State (both B Arch) before Thanksgiving. He then knew he didn’t need to add more likely schools. While he didn’t end up going to either school, it sure was helpful to hear back from two great schools.

    Good luck!
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