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Barrett Rejection


Replies to: Barrett Rejection

  • mkwexlermkwexler Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    britter - I'm amazed you didn't get in with your stats. My son just got in. He wants to major in physics, and doesn't have your numbers: ACT: 31, GPA 3.62 (unweighted), not many extra curriculars. Maybe it's the choice of major - not too many are interested in physics.
  • hkem123hkem123 Registered User Posts: 714 Member
    On my visit to Barrett I got the feeling that the essay is vital to one's application. She didn't say that explicitly, but it just seemed like she spent so much time talking about it, that it must be important.
  • oxolojooxolojo Registered User Posts: 460 Member
    While I'm not a Barrett student, nor a student at the downtown campus, I would suggest that you reapply to Barrett next semester, as others have suggested. If you really love the feel of ASU, you love the feel of ASU. Don't make yourself miserable attending somewhere you don't like as much. ASU has a lot to offer journalism students that aren't in the honors program as well. I know quite a few, and they all love the school and the classes.

    To be honest, the way Barrett works at ASU, you have a couple required honors-only classes, and then you take a bunch of regular classes with honors contracts (which are on a prof by prof basis). Usually the contracts are to do all the regular work involved in the class and then a couple of extra essays or assignments. It really isn't anything much more challenging than the regular class. And then you have the honors thesis to do by the end of your senior year. You do get a lot of rewards for being in the Honors College though.

    I just personally think you'll fit right in. I graduated HS with a 3.8 UW (4.3 W)GPA and a 31 ACT and I'm just as challenged as ever, not being in the honors college. I'm in the business school.

    Don't let a Barrett rejection make you reject ASU. It's a great school.
  • bunnybuttbunnybutt Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    I am a current Barrett student. I am a freshman and I start second semester next week. I was admitted to Barrett for Fall 2010 and honestly I am baffled that you were rejected. At first I thought that maybe you didn't apply early enough but I see that you applied really early. Since I have been here in Barrett (I live on campus as well) I have heard that it is getting harder and harder for people to be admitted. The competition is definitely heating up and Barrett's standards are rising (I heard this from Keith Southergill... he has a lot to do with admissions). Along with more competition, they can only admit 700-ish students as well (at least, this was the case when I was applying). I really think you should try again for the spring semester if you choose to go to ASU. I think Barrett is definitely worth it. There are a lot of little perks and opportunities that are available only to Barrett students while still having tons of other things to do from a huge university. I also agree with oxolojo. ASU is actually a good school. The high acceptance rate and the reputation bothered me at first, but now I see that the professors and classes are fine. Don't let the rejection bother you! Sounds to me like you are a good student and that you would do well in your first semester. So then maybe the second time around you can get in! Good luck!
  • mominazmominaz Registered User Posts: 188 Junior Member
    Britter, did you ever talk to your contact person at Barrett? You really did have good stats so I am hoping you were able to get some further info on why you weren't accepted. I do agree that you shouldn't rule out ASU and you will probably be able to still get into Barrett in the spring, especially if you find out what they want you to fix from the first go round. I hope it all works out for you!
  • LauraG2011LauraG2011 Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    Hey, like everybody else here I'm a little surprised, I was just admitted to Barretts for fall and my stats were similar to yours, except I had a 3.9. I would call and try to find out, but definitely suggest going to ASU and enjoying it and reapplying for spring when its easier. My guess is that the essay is what went wrong, since the essay is suuuper critical for Barretts, as all the admissions and office people will insinuate. But ASU is a great school and getting better all the time, you should go to a place that you just love and click with and it sounds like ASUs that school - you gotta think about where youll be happy! With a little research on ratemyprofessors theres no reason why you cant go to super challenging and good classes even if youre not in honors.
  • LauraG2011LauraG2011 Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    ^oh, I forgot to mention that some honors classes are open to non-honors students with really good GPAs and permission from the professor. Good luck! :)
  • britterbritter Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Well I talked to the admissions director, and he said that it was just my GPA that was too low, as I was unaware that the ABOR GPA even existed, and my ABOR was lower than my overall unweighted, so. But I have been having considerable email correspondence with him, and hopefully it ends up working out.
  • LAXer25LAXer25 Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    what is an ABOR gpa???
  • britterbritter Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    LAXer25: My thoughts exactly. I had to Google it. It stands for the Arizona Board of Regents GPA. It's composed of mainly core classes, not sure how they pick which math, history, science courses, etc. as most people exceed the number of credits that supplement into the calculation. I believe it's like, 4 English, 4 Math, 3 History, 2 Science, 2 Foreign Lang., and 1 Fine Art.

    And traditionally they are lower than your unweighted.
  • bchan1bchan1 Registered User Posts: 793 Member
    When they choose classes for the ABOR (if you have extra science credits for example) they use the higher grades to compute the 16 core courses. Could be your gpa looks low because of a lot of honors B's etc. You have a very good ACT score.

    The number of Barrett admits is tightly limited for 1st semester freshman year because of the number of seats available in the "Human Event" class. If you like ASU and the Jschool in particular, I would enroll and pack your bags, it's a very competitive program and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    The low averages for admission at ASU reflect the university's mandate to educate the people of Arizona, but it is not necessarily reflective of the class profile that persists to graduation. Arizona has the unique handicap of two major metropoitan areas in the entire state and a small number of colleges serving those areas. Giving more students an opportunity does not indicate lowering the standards required for the graduation outcome.

    Opportunities to enroll in Barrett are open at other points in your academic career up until your junior year if that's what you want to do later on - and you may be offered admission later this year as some previously admitted students will go elswhere and their seats become available in the Human Event class.
  • LAXer25LAXer25 Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    what if my science and math classes are currently in progress? Do they look at a midyear report or something?
  • britterbritter Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    See, I'm not sure. Because my 4th English is in progress, but they calculated it anyway. I guess they just do without, maybe.
  • LAXer25LAXer25 Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    so do they probably just use 9th-11th grades?It would be nice if they actually told us about how they calculate their version of gpas.
  • britterbritter Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Haha, agreed. It certainly would have saved us all a lot of confusion. And I had to dig around on the internet to even figure out what it was. And yes, I guess they do. Because although it calls for 4 English and Math, they didn't ask for a 7th semester transcript, so.

    I assume you are thinking about Barrett/ASU?
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