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Arizona State University?

aheadofthegameaheadofthegame 135 replies46 threads Junior Member
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Hey everyone!

I already posted this on the main discussion board but this one here might probably be a better idea.

I'm from WA and already applied to the UW and WSU.
Because my stats aren't too great I probably won't have a chance at UW and I also applied to WSU because I needed a safety school - but I honestly can't really see myself going to Pullman.

A while ago I discovered ASU and found out that I could get really cheap tuition because of the WUE program there and since that info I'm absolutely hooked to that school.
I'm not too much of a partier and I know that ASU is THE party school but considering that there are 56.000 UG students attending it is probably a given.
I'm both a HS senior and a CC freshman and will graduate from HS with 45 college credits.
My intention is to major in Poli-sci and then go to law school and ASU's school seems pretty decent as well.

What do you think?
Would ASU be a good decision?
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  • WackoWaskoWackoWasko 95 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I can't comment on ASU's programs or campus life, as I'm only a high school senior myself, but read more into the WUE programs at ASU. Only certain majors are applicable, and none of those are offered at the main campus at Tempe. The Tempe campus is the one with 55,000+ students, while the West, Polytechnic, and Downtown Phoenix campuses have anywhere from 9,000 to 12,000 each I believe. Use this link https://webapp4.asu.edu/programs/t5/programs/Keyword/wue/undergrad/false?init=false&nopassive=true to see if they even offer your major, and at what campus it's at.

    I personally applied for Technical Entrepreneurship and Management, a WUE program at the Polytechnic campus, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to double major in Air Traffic Management there (a non-WUE program). For me, I think the super modern look of the Polytechnic campus is the coolest thing, so I know that I'd like it there; however many people prefer the traditional "ivy-covered buildings". It's all preference, but just keep in mind that if you choose a WUE program, you won't be at the main campus.

    Here's a snapshot of a building at Poly: http://greensource.construction.com/green_building_projects/2009/11_ASU-Polytechnic/images/thumb.jpg
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  • aheadofthegameaheadofthegame 135 replies46 threads Junior Member
    WackoWasko - Thank you so much for your input! :)

    You're right, I had no clue that my major would not be offered at the Tempe campus but that actually makes ASU seem even more appealing to me.
    I looked into your link and I'd have to go to the West campus for Poli-Sci, which seems really nice actually. They have 9.000 students going there.

    So, yeah, thank you so much for your input!
    I really think I'm going to apply :)
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  • chaichiachaichia 92 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I'd definitely look into ASU! It's a great school and you can make out of it what you like (while it definitely is a party school for some, others come for Barrett, The Honors College and many other reasons). From what I know, Political Science is offered at the Tempe campus but you should look into the other three campuses as well because they each have a lot to offer! I'd try to come out and make a visit to Arizona (especially before the summer heat strikes) to see if it's a good fit for you! Good luck with your decision!
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