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Earliest Application Date

fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
Hi guys, my son is a high school junior who is interested in applying for out of state admission to ASU. The ASU scholarshp calcluator estimates that he will qualify for the Provost Scholarship ($12,000 annually) which will certainly help offset some (but not all) of the out-of-state tuition premium ($24,503).

I'm curious as to how soon will the application be live for applicants to the class of 2016. It would be really nice if next year he can get the application process out of the way for ASU so that we can have the decision in hand very early during his senior year. Also, does anyone know how long it takes for the admission's committee to render a decision? My son's GPA (3.7 weighted) and SAT score (1970 aggregate with 1300 combined CR and Math) appear to meet the admission requirements.

Thanks in advance for any response.

Replies to: Earliest Application Date

  • SoCalGirl97SoCalGirl97 Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    I don't know when the application opens up but ASU practices rolling admissions which means they make a decision as each app comes in, usually 2-4 weeks from the time they have all required docs (transcript, test scores).
  • wrongturn88wrongturn88 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    ASU has a very strange admissions timeline. Let me explain: I was able to apply in late July. I believe the application opens up in early July. I submitted everything by August 1st. I, however, did not receive a decision until the admission committee started reviewing apps, which happens in early to mid-September. They do have a rolling admissions policy.

    Your son looks like a great student. I would also advise looking into Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. As an out-of-state student and a member of the ASU class of 2019, I might be of some help to you. Just let me know!
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Thanks @socalgirl97, for the info.
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    @wrongturn88, I would really appreciate any info that you can share with me about Barrett. My son is very interested in the Barrett Honors College. Initially my son was looking at ASU as one of his alternatives should he not get admission to our state's flagship school (University of Texas); however, once we learned more about Barrett he indicated to me that (if he could get admission there), he might prefer ASU as his top choice. I'd be interested in your feedback regarding whether his stats, which I've listed below are competitive for Barrett. Also, both my son and I would also be very interested in hearing from someone like you who is at Barrett about your experiences there. We might consider flying to Tempe for one of the Saturday information sessions either next fall or sometime during his senior year. in any event, my sons stats are posted below. Please give me your honest assessment as we both understand that Barrett is highly competitive and there is no need to hold back on any frankness in your assessment or opinion as to how competitive an applicant he might be.

    Preferred Major: History or Political Science

    GPA: 3.7 weighted / 3.4-3.5 unweighted

    Rank: Probably top 25-30%

    SAT: 1970 as follows 720 Critical Reading; 580 Math; and 670 Writing (He plans on taking the SAT again in Jan and then ACT for the first time in Feb 2015)

    SAT II World History Subject Test: 680 (He will take the US History Subject Test in June 2015)

    AP World History: 5/5 (He will also be taking the US History & English AP Exam)

    Hook: African-American Male

    EC: Track freshmen year; Basketball manager sophomore year; running cross country this year and next

    Job: Working at a fast food restaurant 10-12 hours a week since June 2014
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    @wrongturn88 I just realized after re-reading your post that if you are in the Class of 2019 you just received admission to Barrett. In addition to your opinion regarding how competitive my son's chances are, I guess the biggest question I would have for someone in your position is if you could share with me what led to conclude that Barrett was the right choice for you? As someone with the stats to get out of state admission to Barrett, you probably had many excellent options for college outside of ASU.

    Also, any tips on the application process in general? Do you have your housing situation settled? I think to make Barrett affordable I would need to get one of the traditional dorm rooms if my son was granted admission. Did you have any problems or issues with respect to housing preferences?

  • BeaudreauBeaudreau Registered User Posts: 1,115 Senior Member
    @fatherof2boys The average SAT (Reading and Math) for Barrett is 1349. Your son is at 1300 so he should be within the average. The rest of his stats look great. If he can get his math score up, he should be golden. I am a father of three boys here in Arizona and my first boy was kind of the reverse of yours. He was accepted to ASU/Barrett in-state but is attending Texas A&M OOS. As a NMF, A&M made it very attractive for us and their engineering program is very good.

    My son had a lot of friends who went to Barrett. It is the real deal. They have their own campus within the ASU campus, with their own dorms and own dining hall.
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Thanks @Beaudreau for your input. You should be very proud of your son's accomplishments. Even though as a University of Texas alum my alma matter has a historic rivalry with A&M, I can attest for you that the Aggies' engineering program is one of top programs in the nation. Your son is receiving a first-rate education at A&M. I reside in the Houston area and the job prospects for Aggie engineers is very healthy.

    As you suggested, my son is going to try to raise that SAT Math subscore with his second SAT exam in Jan. He realizes that even for holistic admission to the University of Texas (UT) a 1970 composite score doesn't guarantee him anything. By state law, UT reserves 75% of its entering class for Texas kids who are in the top 7% of their high school class (regardless of SAT/ACT exam scores). Because my son is not in the top 7% of his high school, he can only gain admission to UT through a holistic admission review which is reserved for the non-auto admits. Given the sheer number of TX high school applicants, it is a very competitive process for those final 25% admission slots which are divided up for in-state, international and out-of-state applicants. As a result, even if UT is my son's top preference, we have to consider alternatives.

    Initially we only considered ASU because the Provost Scholarship ($12,000 annually) made it financially feasible for us to afford out-of-state tuition. However, we've learned about Barrett from this forum and my son is really intrigued about the prospects of receiving what's tantamount to a top shelf liberal arts school education at a large public college. A deciding factor for my son's consideration for Barrett (if he is lucky enough to be granted admission) will be the post-employment and post-educational opportunities for Barret graduates. Given that my son is going to major in history, he realizes that he likely will have to go to graduate or professional school. We need to find out further information about whether the top graduate and professional schools truly appreciate and value the educational experiences of Barrett students. From even viewing the online tour, there is no doubt that in terms of facilities (dining hall, dorm rooms, etc) Barrett's physical footprint is second to none. From what we know already, it has my son rethinking whether UT is number one on his list.
  • PhxRisingPhxRising Registered User Posts: 319 Member
    edited November 2014
    @fatherof2boys: Yes, Barrett just looks at CR + M so it's good to get that math up. Increases in SAT scores and GPA might increase the amount of his scholarship. The presidents is highest, although I'm not sure what the amount is for OOS students. You should definitely fly in if you can; maybe try to do it if he's invited for a particular event or call and ask if there's a suitable event. We went to the Senior Scholars Dinner in Sept, but everyone I met was local. They do talk a lot about what the students do afterwards and it seems they meet with success. The dorms are really nice; they're only a few years old and students say the food is really good. What Barrett says is that it has all the advantages of a small liberal arts college and all the advantages of a large public university, social, athletic and other. The dean was at one of the very selective small LACs as a prof and administrator and his goal is for the end result to be like Swarthmore with Penn State outside the gates.

    As for timing, your son need to be admitted to ASU first. My son applied around July 4 and wasn't admitted til Sept. He applied to Barrett by the priority deadline of Nov 15. He hasn't heard yet and won't probably until January, but his friend who is NMSF was admitted within a week.
  • BeaudreauBeaudreau Registered User Posts: 1,115 Senior Member
    @fatherof2boys. Thanks. My oldest was also admitted to Texas, but TAMU came up with a lot more money.

    I agree with @PhxRising. You really should visit. You could do a day trip from Houston easily; you could even catch light rail from the airport. Driving is also pretty easy in Phoenix (compared to Houston).
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Thanks @PhxRising and @Beaudreau we are seriously considering making a trip. I read on ASU's website that Barrett holds Saturday information sessions on a handful of dates, the next one is one coming up in January. We are thinking about making such a trip either during the second semester of my son's junior year, or during January of his senior year. I actually have to fly to Phoenix on Tuesday for business and if I had planned this ahead of time, I would have considered having my son accompany me. @PhxRising, I appreciate you sharing the details regarding the timeline for decision with me. If my son were to apply to Barrett he likely would be looking at a similar decision date timeline with application to ASU being submitted in late summer and then application to Barrett by the priority application date. Since admission would for Barrett would not be guaranteed, we would likely not travel to ASU until, and if, he was actually admitted to Barrett. If he is lucky enough to be granted admission, we would most certainly make the trip out there...no doubt about it.

    Other than Barrett, my son is also considering for out of state admission Arizona, Alabama, & Kansas as all three offer decent amounts of merit aid for out of state applicants. If he could get into Barrett, then it would be the first choice amongst the alternatives and put us in a position to make a very hard decision between ASU and Texas. Under those circumstances ASU would cost us an additional $5,000 a year in tuition and housing costs in comparison to Texas.

    @Beaudreau, its a shame that Texas does not provide much merit aid. If you peruse the posts in the Texas' forum here on College Confidential you'll see many commentators note how stingy Texas is in comparison to TAMU respecting merit aid. If it weren't for the fact that my family qualify for the low in-state tuition, Texas wouldn't be a realistic option. BTW, I sent you a message with my email address and I would appreciate any additional info respecting Barrett.
  • BeaudreauBeaudreau Registered User Posts: 1,115 Senior Member
    @fatherof2boys. TAMU has a huge endowment (7th in the U.S. at $8.7 billion) and can afford it. Texas has an even bigger endowment (3rd in the U.S. at $20.5 billion) but doesn't choose to use it for merit aid. (The endowment figures are system-wide and for 2013.)
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    edited November 2014
    Yeah, I really don't understand why Texas doesn't give much merit aid, they certainly can afford it. I suspect that Texas compares itself to the likes of Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia which don't give out much merit aid either. Like I stated earlier, if it were not for the fact that my son qualifies for in-state tuition, Texas would not even be an option here. I can recall that my first semester tuition bill at Texas back in 1996 for 12 hours of classes was $750. Those were the days...

    That's why Barrett is such an attractive option for my son. If he could get into Barrett at only a slight premium ($5,000 annually) more than Texas and receive an even better quality of education, we have to seriously consider it.
  • PhxRisingPhxRising Registered User Posts: 319 Member
    Like I said @fatherof2boys, there are higher level scholarships so if his GPA goes up and his SAT scores go up he may qualify for higher merit aid at Barrett. I just put a perfect SAT and 4.0 GPA with Texas residency and got the Presidents scholarship at $13k, although those stats aren't needed to get it. That would eat away a chunk of that $5k. Plus if he has higher stats he'll be more likely to be admitted. Here's the calculator, although I suspect you've already found it: https://scholarships.asu.edu/estimator Let me know if you have other questions. We've known lots of students at Barrett and my DH is a prof at ASU. Plus, I start a job at ASU tomorrow!
  • fatherof2boysfatherof2boys Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    edited December 2014
    Thanks @PHxrising, and congratulations on your new job at ASU!
  • PhxRisingPhxRising Registered User Posts: 319 Member
    There's something I forgot @fatherof2boys.Barrett students register first so they shouldn't have the problem that has become too common at large public universities of not being able to get the classes they need to graduate in four years.
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