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Barrett- Phoenix New Times Investigation-Too Close?

EnglishmanEnglishman 365 replies26 threads Member
Barrett now under investigation for faculty-student relations, is this news..?

ASU's best students and faculty?


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Replies to: Barrett- Phoenix New Times Investigation-Too Close?

  • BeaudreauBeaudreau 1142 replies39 threads Senior Member
    @Englishman. Thanks for sharing this article. I am not aligned with the New Times' politics, but I am a fan of old-fashioned reporting. 20-years ago, the ability to prey in young students was almost a perk of a professor's job at most universities. Unfortunately, this still goes on in campuses all over the world. I agree with a total ban on such relationships with any student under 21 or in some kind of student-teacher relationship.

    Didn't you allude to these issues a year or so ago?
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  • GraniteLandGraniteLand 32 replies0 threads Junior Member
    If you have ever gone through a sexual harassment education/training program like many companies provide for their employees, you learn quickly that when one person holds power over the other, the relationship has to be seen as questionable at the very least. The simple fact is that professors and undergrad students should not have any relationship outside of the classroom and if a student feels uncomfortable in any way there should be a crystal clear policy/procedure of reporting any incident. Young people are impressionable, professors should know better. No excuse, their dismissal was warranted. Also not unique to ASU. It unfortunately happens on every college campus, company, and military branch. It appears to me that Barrett is trying nip this in the bud and change the culture of entitlement that a few professors wrongly assumed was OK. I'm an ASU grad (1992) and I would have NO problem sending my own daughter to Barrett.
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