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Honors College at ASU and U of A


Replies to: Honors College at ASU and U of A

  • AverageWhiteMaleAverageWhiteMale Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    Geez, sometimes I think these honor roll genious's lack common sense. Go to the respected websites and see how much it'd cost for each school without the scholarships, then subtract from each and see what you get..
  • christalena2christalena2 Registered User Posts: 1,667 Senior Member
    It actually really depends on what you choose within each university. Some dorms on both campuses are more expensive than others, so it will cost more. You pick certain meal plans that may cost more. Your major will also depend on what types of books you need to buy, which can increase the cost. For instance, science majors usually spend a bit more on books than others because they tend to involve multiple books for a single class.

    Both scholarships cover usually about the same on both campuses, relatively. So, it's not going to be a big difference. But I would check the websites just in case.
  • leungpy1leungpy1 Registered User Posts: 329 Member
    My curiosity is really based on the $3000 difference between the two scholarships. I have checked the web site of both schools and found the cost of attendance is roughly the same where ASU might be a few hundred dollars higher. So why UA does not try to match ASU in this regard? Is there hidden cost that make living in Tempe higher than Tucson? Base on the posts here, I come to a conclusion that ASU indeed has a much stronger Honors College than UA, with more opportunities and potentially lower cost of attendance.
  • C3BakerC3Baker Registered User Posts: 731 Member
    We just got back from a visit to ASU. We're from the Midwest and ASU was not on the radar screen at all until our son started getting all the mail regarding Barrett and the Honors College. The visit went very well and we were quite impressed.

    He spend the night we arrived with a Barrett ambassador in one of the honors dorms (I think it was Hayden). It was a great start to the visit for him. His fears of Barrett being filled with a bunch of total geeks were alleviated - he said all the kids were really cool and he had a lot of fun. They went out and played Ultimate Frisbee that night. My son loves Ultimate Frisbee and the fact that he was playing it outside in January when we left home with sub-zero temps may have been a major selling point for him!

    I would highly recommend doing the overnight stay if possible during a campus visit - it really gave him a great idea of what it's like to be a student there. One downside to be aware of, though, is that they stayed up past midnight (as all true college students do!) hanging out, playing Wii and Guitar Hero and having a good time. An early start to the day, coupled with jet lag from the two hour time difference, and having stayed up so late took its' toll later in the day in some of the meetings.

    Our son hasn't made his final college decision yet, but I would bet that he'll end up at ASU. They did a great job of organizing his visit to really help him get the most information possible to determine if ASU is a good fit for him.

    One statistic that I found quite interesting - apparently 90% of the National Merit semifinalists who visit ASU/Barrett end up enrolling there.
  • BusinessGuyBusinessGuy Registered User Posts: 551 Member
    I'm very happy to hear about your son's positive experience C3Baker. I happen to be a freshman living in Hayden -- we do tend to stay up quite a bit. The diversity to be found within Barrett was quite unexpected for me; most of the students who hold leadership positions around the campus are in honors and the honors courses end up being great networking tools for that reason. If you have any further questions about Barrett or my experience here feel free to ask -- I truly feel that it was the best choice for me and it has far exceeded my hopes.
  • sylvia4sylvia4 Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    So glad to see updated posts. I will be visiting ASU towards the end of the month, along with Texas A & M. I would love to know if there are a large number of engineering students living in the Honors dorms and if the honors course load is managable to add to any major. I posted a question a few days ago and didn't receive very favorable comments on either school...your posts helped put me at ease. Thanks!
  • BusinessGuyBusinessGuy Registered User Posts: 551 Member
    There are quite a few of every major in honors, I know all sorts of engineers just on my floor. You only have to take two additional courses as an honors student, you just would have to fulfill the rest of your honors credit through doing a bit of extra work in the normal classes that you take. I see honors classes more as a priviledge than something that I'm forced to do -- they're small, you get close contact with a professor, you can have some great discussions, and the topics of the courses are far more interesting than most standard classes. Granted, a large number of honors courses are humanities in nature rather than science, but that's not to say that those who are focused on science are left out.
  • farseer0514farseer0514 Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
    everything BusinessGuy said is on the mark. I am a freshman (living in Hayden as well, coincidentally) and I like it so far. Granted, you're going to be forced to take some "regular" classes to get ASU requirements out of the way, like ASU 101, the stupidest course in existence that's just been created to boost Michael Crowe's already-inflated ego. I miss Vassar, where I had top-notch, Ivy-league worthy professors in EVERY class. Still, if you're an honors student, you have to take this class called the Human Event, which is a mix of philosophy, religion, history, and English. It's fantastic! Definitely something to look forward to.
  • BusinessGuyBusinessGuy Registered User Posts: 551 Member
    I agree that ASU 101 is stupid for most students. However, if you happen to be in Business Honors, the Business Honors advisors actually teach the section that you'll take, and it's a lot better than the normal ones -- hardly any busy work and a bunch of interesting speakers about studying abroad and the different majors. I didn't find it particularly helpful, but I'm already pretty proactive when it comes to researching things on my own.

    I bet Vassar does have better professors on average, but if you're careful with your class selection you'll generally be fine -- plus the price tag is a LOT nicer.
  • txchica70txchica70 Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Business Guy - long post and several questions for you. Other Barrett students/future students feel free to respond as well.

    My dd was offered National Hispanic Finalist Scholarship for OOS. Like the other mom said - we hadn't known anything about ASU, but the great financial offer and the information re: Barretts seems like an amazing opportunity. We attended a dinner presentation in Houston last week with Dr. Jacobs, who was very informative and entertaining. DD is 85% sure she's going to ASU, but we haven't made a visit yet. Scheduled to attend orientation in March. She's signed up for Honors housing - I know they're older than any of the other dorms and I worry about the doors of some of the halls opening to the outside (security issues) and that she'd be walking outside to get to the bathroom.

    Are you aware of any security problems since you've been there? Also, do you think the new Honors complex is really going to be completed by fall 2009? (it looks amazing) Do you know any Sustainability majors and if so, are they happy? Do honors freshmen also get priority registration? Any problems (or know someone) regarding maintaining the 3.25 GPA to keep scholarships - Dr Jacobs mentioned something like only 17 students out of close to 3000 didn't meet the minimum...?

    Thanks in advance for responses. I'm sure I'll have more questions as we get closer to decision time.....
  • christalena2christalena2 Registered User Posts: 1,667 Senior Member
    Hey there, I am currently a Barrett Freshman living in the honors dorms...thought I would put in my two cents.

    Since I have been here, I have not heard of one security issue regarding the halls leading to the outside (Hayden W and E, Irish B and C). The complex is surrounded by a gate that requires a sun card to get through, so that helps a lot with disallowing strangers in the complex. Not a problem at all.

    I couldn't tell you whether or not the new honors community will be finished on time. They have been promising us the opportunity for a while, and they are usually good about keeping their word, but who knows...things happen. But for now, we're all staying pretty optimistic about the whole thing.

    I have personally not met any Sustainability majors, but have met a lot of Biological Sciences (Ecology or Evolution) types, all interested in Sustainability. I know one of the Irish halls next year is specifically being used as a sustainability community, which will be cool. Sustainability sounds like an interesting major, but if for some reason your daughter isn't enjoying it, there are so many more majors to choose from, all involving that type of learning.

    Honors freshman do get priority registration, along with all other honors students, we even get to register before seniors. It's great! Especially helpful when you have to sign up for a gen ed class that fills up rather quickly.

    I have not met a single honors student thus far that is unable to keep the 3.25 minimum GPA. I was worried about it myself going in to be honest, but as long as you keep up with the work/reading, it will be no problem. Plus, Barrett offers every student so many resources, that if there was some situation where a GPA was hard to keep up, they will gladly help you out any way they can.

    I went to a "lunch with the dean" event one day, which is possibly for any honors student at any grade level. He's such a great guy. You can tell he really cares about his students and they're success. I'm very excited for my future here.

    Hope that helped!
  • txchica70txchica70 Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Thanks so much for your response Christalena. The more I hear about Barretts, the more excited I get for her. I worry about her being so far from home, but it sounds like she's going to be in good hands in Arizona and shouldn't have trouble finding her niche there.

    Would love to hear from other Honors students, too. Thanks again.
  • BusinessGuyBusinessGuy Registered User Posts: 551 Member
    Christalena already answered most of your questions, but I'll comment on a couple of them. I happen to live in one of the dorms that have doors opening to the outside and it's not a problem at all. I have never seen any non-student (besides faculty/staff of course) in the honors complex and definitely no suspicious behavior. Some girls dislike walking across campus at night, which is understandable, but we do have a safety escort service that you can call to be picked up and brought wherever you need to go. I've walked around campus many times between 12 am and 4 am without ever feeling unsafe or noticing any activity that is out of the ordinary.

    I haven't met any Sustainability majors either, but most of the people that I know are either business majors or humanities majors as those are the two areas in which I take classes. There are so many students here that you can easily feel like you have lots of opportunities and people to meet without even leaving your own college (business/engineering, etc.). You do have a lot more variety within the honors complex though.

    Priority registration is amazing -- honors is worth it for that alone. Also, keeping a 3.25 GPA is no problem at all, I got a 3.97 without too much trouble. The land on which the honors complex is to be built looks like it's being worked on (I don't see it all that often) so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be open for Fall 2009.
  • AS08AS08 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, I'm a HS senior also considering Barrett.

    I've seen a lot of positives discussed in this thread, which is great (Barrett is my first choice). However, I was wondering if any current/past Barrett students had any negatives or constructive criticisms to share about the college? Thanks.
  • christalena2christalena2 Registered User Posts: 1,667 Senior Member
    Um, the dorms could use a little work, some general tune-up, but we recently won the university-wide spirit award, which includes 50,000 to be spent on the complex, which will help a lot. Otherwise, to be honest, there isn't anything that I can think of that is truly wrong or negative within the honors college.
    All of the problems that they have had complaints about in the past, like the need for more honors-only classes, and more honors faculty, all seem to have been taken care of.
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