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Should You Tell Colleges About Post-Application Accomplishments?

CCEdit_TorreyCCEdit_Torrey 36 replies348 threads Editor
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The Dean advises a student on whether to tell colleges about the triumphs accomplished since submitting applications. https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/should-i-update-colleges-about-new-accomplishments
edited November 2019
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Replies to: Should You Tell Colleges About Post-Application Accomplishments?

  • mackinawmackinaw 3040 replies54 threads Senior Member
    edited November 2019
    I don't know that it actually made a difference but when my son won a state (individual) debate champtionship after having submitted his applications, he sent this new information to the admissions office.

    For the most part, we tried to assure that there was nothing that *detracted* from the application that was submitted, even if it might not affect the application review process immediately. For example, after she was admitted and had accepted the offer from her preferred college (an art college) my daughter was doing very poorly in an advanced math course (mainly from her own distractions). We sought advice from the college (she contacted them). Their answer: you need those math credits; we don't care about your grade as long as it is a passing one. She pulled up her grade to a 2.0, and all turned out well.
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  • lovesamranaalovesamranaa 28 replies0 threads Junior Member
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