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When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?


Replies to: When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?

  • manjoheadmanjohead Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    So.. I got accepted to University of the Pacific.. not on their prestigious dental or pharmaceutical program. And what are the chances of having my acceptances rescinded? My school goes by a 4x4 block schedule, so it's 4 classes per semester..

    Quarter 3 : 3.0 unweighted (only 1 ap class)

    The semester looks like it will end up 2.25 or 2.5 unweighted..

    What are the chances of being rescinded?

    *note, my accumulative gpa was only 3.07 unweighted throughout my high school years.
  • 3down3down Registered User Posts: 151 Junior Member
    My son got a D in his second semester of physics. He had a B first semester. He was admitted to UCSD and the rest of his grades are fine. What are his chances of having his acceptance rescinded?
  • NitramGNitramG Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I got into UC Berkeley for spring semester. However, my GPA MAY drop this semester, i MAY not maintain the "B" average that are apart of the conditions of getting in. I'd have all B's and one C, however my GPA would not be a "B" Avg. in this event. What are the odds of them revoking my admittance?
  • 3down3down Registered User Posts: 151 Junior Member
    I think the no D or F thing supercedes the gpa. Not sure but would like to hear from an expert about rescission.
  • mjh2010mjh2010 Registered User Posts: 41 Junior Member
    Okay...so this is really embarrassing to post...but here it goes.

    I got into a top-tier liberal arts college (around #50 on USNWR), with a 3.6gpa uw, 2020 SAT, 30 ACT, and the works.

    I did fine first semester, but this semester (Jan - current) has gone horribly. As of right now, I am failing THREE classes (2 APs, 1 honors), have a B, and two Cs. This is not like me AT ALL, but I've had a pretty bad few months.

    For one thing, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, and less than a month later went through a bilateral mastechtomy. She's now recovering and awaiting chemo. It wasn't hard on me emotionally, but time-wise. My dad died my freshman year, and my sisters are both in college, so it was up to me oftentimes to drive her to appointments/take care of my younger siblings, etc.

    Also, one of my best friends died in April after being hit by a drunk driver. And on top of that, my cousin passed away after struggling with meningitis throughout April and early May.

    Being out of school for those deaths, as well as my mom's treatment, took a chunk out of my attendance, grades, etc. Also, I was a production intern for a film and was out of town for 2 weeks, which I planned for but didn't expect to be accompanied by everything else.

    So long story short, thanks to poor attendance and emotional exhaustion, my grades dropped significantly, and there isn't much to do to save them.

    Do you think my school will rescind the acceptance? I wouldn't expect them to (especially since I'm on their most prestigious scholarship), but I'm getting really worried :/ Any opinions would be much appreciated.
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 4,088 Senior Member
    mjh2010--You have had more tragedy in your high school years than many people experience in a lifetime. I suggest that you ask your school guidance counselor (even if school is over for you now) to write to the admission officials at the college you plan to attend and to tell them exactly what you have told us.

    The college will see your final transcript anyway ... probably very soon. And, if the school counselor hasn't included an explanatory note, then this college might indeed rescind your acceptance or at least your scholarship.

    But, under the circumstances, I think they will be compassionate and make no change to your current status. However, it's critical that they know all the details, ASAP. If, for some reason, you can't reach your school counselor (seems unlikely but possible), then you should write an explanatory letter yourself. In fact, ideally, the admission folks would receive this information from BOTH the counselor and from you.

    Good luck to you. You deserve a great summer and a wonderful freshman year.
  • MathcountserMathcountser Registered User Posts: 770 Junior Member
    Can colleges rescind for poor conduct grades(ie we have O-S-N-U if someone gets all U's but never got suspended can they get rescinded?)
    Could you get rescinded because of grade suffixes?(ie you wouldn't get rescinded with a B or an A but a B- and A- you would)?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 4,088 Senior Member
    Yes, poor conduct grades can definitely have an impact. All U's would be a huge flag for colleges. One U would probably slide by.

    Grade suffixes shouldn't matter.
  • MathcountserMathcountser Registered User Posts: 770 Junior Member
    Has anyone actually gotten rescinded for conduct grades or is it just an empty threat?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 4,088 Senior Member
    "Unsatisfactory" across the board is more than just some head-butting with one grumpy teacher. Admission officials would definitely look into what's behind such a downturn, and a rescinded acceptance could most certainly be in the offing, depending on what they find.
  • MathcountserMathcountser Registered User Posts: 770 Junior Member
    Has anyone here ever been rescinded for conduct grades?
  • ihateharrypotterihateharrypotter Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I was accepted to SEAS Columbia 2015 in December. Recently, however, I was being immature and anonyously posted negative comments about a peer that goes to another school. She found out it was me that posted online. If she tells on me, would it call for a college to rescind??? What if I get suspended for for it, would it call for a college to rescind?

    Oh god I'm so worried please help
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 4,088 Senior Member
    It is unlikely that Columbia will rescind your acceptance for this misdeed, although it would be helpful to know exactly how heinous it was. For instance, was your negative comment simply a prank and/or a lapse of good judgment? Or, instead, might it be classified as a hate crime, cyber-bullying, etc.?

    A suspension alone is unlikely to lead to a rescinded acceptance, but if the nature of the infraction that caused it were to raise some real doubt about your character ... or about the safety of your future schoolmates ... then that might be a different story.
  • glowormgloworm Registered User Posts: 2,392 Senior Member
    What about a student who applies to more than one school EDII and is accepted to both?

    I don't know if this is allowed, but doesn't EDII have the same limitations/binding elements as EDI?
  • JustARandomJustARandom Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Can a student who got into ED get rescinded for not withdrawing other college applications? How about withdrawing those applications, say 3 months late?
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