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When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?


Replies to: When Do Colleges Rescind Acceptances?

  • samndeansamndean Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    @Sally_Rubenstone Hi, I recently got accepted as a transfer student from cc to NC State as a biological science major. I am taking two classes this semester and unfortunately, I'll be getting a D and a C for those classes. I have failed that class twice and manage to get a D this time (really not good at Calculus). In my science classes, i have all As except for a C in Orgo 1 and a B in general chem 2. Will They rescind my acceptance?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @tracycoral - Thanks so much for closing the loop for me. Your son sounded like a special guy so I was pretty confident that he would land on his feet. Congrats to both of you on his fine academic career so far and good luck to him at Rice.
  • sd4198sd4198 Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    So I was accepted to uva as a transfer from gmu, but it looks like my second semester grades are going to be by and large worse that my midterm grades I sent in. Mostly probably 2 Bs, a B+, an A-, and a C-. I am most worried about the C-, as it was in a higher level Econ class. Could my acceptance be rescinded?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @sd4198 -Probably not, but is Econ your intended major? If so, I doubt that your acceptance would be automatically rescinded but you might hear from admission folks who want to ask what happened.
  • ghutret234ghutret234 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    edited May 14
    I was admitted into UC Berkeley. I am currently writing my IB exams and my high school diploma depends on them (My IB grades are my only grades as my high school is an IB school). I might receive a 4 in two subjects. According to Berkeley's conditions I should not get less than a C and not more than two Cs and I need an unweighted 3.0. I am having trouble understanding how my IB score will translate to GPA. I am sure I will get my diploma and the rest of my exams have went well. Is this grounds for getting rescinded?
  • ghutret234ghutret234 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Is a 4 considered a C. I am still extremely confused. I was predicted a 40 and might get a 32-33 (worst case scenario). This means that I will still pass and get my IB diploma. My condition of agreement stated that I must report scores less than Cs and a GPA less than 3.0 but I do not think that a 32-33 is either of those. I am extremely worried and I am having sleepless nights. I was extremely sick during two of my main exams and while this isn't an excuse for a low score I feel it contributed to my failure. As UCB is so stringent with their conditions I do not know what to expect. UCLA clearly mentions that a student should not get less than 5s but this is not the case for UCB. Will a drop this large lead to me being rescinded.
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @ghutret234 -Your two IB-exam 4's will translate roughly to two C's, so if your overall test average is the equivalent of a B or above, you should be okay. BUT ... there is no reason to ask this question only on College Confidential. You would be wise to contact the UCB admission office and explain what you've said here ... including the part about the illness during the exams.

    Students often believe that, by asking such questions elsewhere (like on College Confidential), they won't alert admission officials to a potential problem if they don't have to. While this is true in SOME situations (such as with certain disciplinary screw-ups, especially when they occur outside of school), it's NOT true when it comes to final transcripts. The college folks will see them anyway. You're not going to sneak under their radar.

    So you will have fewer sleepless nights and less stress if you contact UCB right away to find out where you stand. Again, I suspect you'll be fine but you'll breathe easier once you know for sure.
  • ghutret234ghutret234 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you for the swift reply Ms. Rubenstone. I really appreciate it. As I have my IB exams still going on (they end on the 19th) I will contact the admission office as soon as my exams are done. If I do contact them is it necessary to give them my information or can it be anonymous?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @ghutret234 -You are more likely to get a reply if your information isn't anonymous, and if you don't provide your name, you won't be able to explain your downturn in grades in the context of your illness during two key exams. But you can try the anonymous approach if you want ... I just don't recommend it. Remember, the college folks WILL see your test scores so there's no point in being an ostrich. It's not as if you'd be calling attention to information that they might otherwise overlook.
  • Collegeboi1099Collegeboi1099 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    @Sally_Rubenstone Freshman year, I took a smart board remote from a teacher and got caught a few days later. The administrator gave me a day of in school suspension and its on my record as Theft level 1 (lowest level). I haven't had any infractions since, and my senior administrator said she'd write a letter to the schools I'm applying to saying so (looking to apply to HYP and other ivies). Could this ruin any chances I have?
  • aspiringauthor7aspiringauthor7 Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    I have a friend whose transfer acceptances to several UCs (University of California schools) were rescinded because she got a C in ONE class after a perfect 4.0 in three of her four semesters at our junior college. Granted, it was Calculus 2, an essential class for her accounting major, but due to her grade in the class they rescinded her acceptance. So just be careful! Overall I don't think a final exam alone could deal that big a blow, unless your grade is on the bubble and it slips into negative territory.
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @Collegeboi1099 - The Ivy League colleges turn away multiple highly qualified applicants for each one they admit. So the word "theft" on your record could possibly work against you, even though it happened years ago and you have stayed out of trouble since. But admission officers are not all of the same mind. Some may regard your infraction far more seriously than others do, especially if you explain your misdeed and what you learned from it. In particular, if you took the smart-board remote as a prank, and you can say why, it will help to put this infraction in perspective. My son--now a sophomore in college--claims that taking smart-board remotes is not as weird as it seemed to me when I first read your post. I thought it sounded awfully odd ... kind of like a burglar taking a TV remote but leaving the TV behind. It also sounded potentially unkind ... as if you were trying to hurt or at least inconvenience the teacher. But my son insists that these remotes are handy for doing silly things like posting funny memes on the board when the teacher's back is turned. He also said that one of his math teachers used to read her personal emails in class while the students were working on algebra problems--rather than walking around the classroom to offer help--so the savvy students figured out a way to use the "borrowed" remote to get those emails where EVERYONE could read them. (I bet that cured the teacher's email-reading habit fast!)

    So you should definitely explain the nature of the "theft" that is on your record so that the college folks won't assume that it was far worse than it really was. And if you can put a humorous spin on it, so much the better.
  • BThompson2481BThompson2481 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I was accepted into The University of Florida for this upcoming fall. This past weekend, my entire prom bus was kicked out of prom for disturbing the event in the eyes of the faculty. Several of us, including me, were given a 5 day suspension for my last week of school. The reason for the suspension is "refusal to follow administrative direction." I emailed the admissions office and tried to be honest about the situation, and this is the first ever disciplinary action on my record. My academics and all else should hold up to standard for the university, but I am worried about this suspension. Is it likely UF will revoke my acceptance?
  • MJMarkMJMark Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey Sally,
    I was accepted to San Francisco State University and I was looking through my application and I noticed I accidentally put an A- for Algebra 2 instead of a B+. It's a few percentage points, but should I be worried?
  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone CC Admissions Expert Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    @MJMark - Not a big deal at all but shoot a quick email to SFSU explaining the error. If there's a reason for it (e.g., you confused Algebra 2 with another class that you did get an A- in or if you THOUGHT you were getting an A- but then ended up with a B+), then say so. But that's not imperative.
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