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Harvard Lightweight women recruiting


Replies to: Harvard Lightweight women recruiting

  • elcrewelcrew 28 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Of course everyone has a slim chance--the admit rate for those schools is 8%. What I should have said is that the score falls under the usual range for acceptance to those schools. Bottom line is a coach isn't going to recruit someone with an "ok" erg score and +2300 SAT. He/she will tell the athlete that if they can get accepted without any support then they can join as a walk on.
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  • varskavarska 1406 replies24 threads Senior Member
    More to the point, a coach isn't going to recruit someone with an "ok" erg score, period. And if it's a hot recruit, you can be damn sure they'll get support even with a 2300+ SAT. Coaches don't roll the dice with admissions with their top recruits.
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  • imafanimafan 231 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Beach - that sounds about right. D met with a Top 5 women's rowing program coach a week or so ago and the coach told us that they start looking at rowers at sub 7:50 (which I too found amazing). Now, that doesn't mean that's scholarship time, or even a guarantee admissions spot -- just a "start looking" number.
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