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Recruiting Service After Hs

JrBaseballDreamsJrBaseballDreams 1 replies2 threads New Member
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Hello Fellow College Confidential Members Hope Everyone is doing well!! Well This is my question. I Am Class of 2010 and was not recruited out of high school. I Traveled From up North to try and play baseball here in the south. I played 3 years varsity. Due to personal reasons i took a year off and I have been training recently to get better. As most of you may know walk on tryouts are very hard and i am going to be a sophmore next year At a state college. I was researching and found recruiting services Even though expensive they sound promising. DO you guys think it will be Worth it? I was going to make a Highlight video displaying my skills and use a service to try and get it out there. Its alot of money but at the end of the day its better then mailing them as most coaches don't even check them. If so which ones have been proven to work? i have checked out recruitzone.com/Nsr/berecruited/. Honestly i see no other way i mean Worst case scenario i would have to wait from tryouts which is no good as another school i may now know about might have had use for me. All replies are appreciated ThankYOU!!
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  • momof2010momof2010 398 replies9 threads Member
    I am not familiar with baseball per se, but IMHO I think "sometimes" recruiting services are after $ and it is a business to them. My thought is to contact directly coaches of teams you are interested in trying out for and ask them if they take walk ons? Do they use recruiting services? and any other pertinent questions you may have. After all is said and done, you want to play and the coach is the one who has the power so you might as well go directly to the source. Best of luck to you.

    **Also if you are good enough I cannot imagine any coach turning away from a player who can help their program.**
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  • varskavarska 1406 replies24 threads Senior Member
    ^ I agree - but I would remove the word "sometimes" from your response.
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  • sadillysadilly 915 replies15 threads Member
    My son was actually contacted on BeRecruited for D3 baseball. However, he did much better by directly contacting the coaches and providing video.
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member

    So, if I understand this correctly you are currently enrolled at a State College as a freshmen. You took off a year for personal reasons. You were not recruited out of high school two years ago as a 2010. Now, you want to play college baseball and you are considering a recruiting service to help you. Transferring to another college is not a problem for you, and you would hopefull meet minimum NCAA requirements.

    I have so MANY questions. I guess I'll start with your question about a Recruiting Service. Specifically what are they claiming to provide that you can't do yourself? Do they have relationships? Why weren't you recruited out of high school? I'm very familiar with college baseball recruiting. What level of college baseball do you aspire to play? Do you have an intention to go professional? Have you looked into JUCO? Did you tryout as a walk-on this Fall? What were you told? Have you considered club baseball where you are? What position do you play, and what are your best skills?

    I'm very partial to doing the recruiting myself. You have control of the situation, and nobody will do a better job for the money. College baseball coaches aren't impressed with slick recruiting brochures, as most of them are "old school". College baseball coaches are impressed with their eyes, radar guns, stop watches, maturity, and academics . You can use Youtube to post a video link as a follow up email for reference once the coach has seen you play. Your biggest challenge is exposure. How do you get in front of other college coaches (D1, D2, D3, JUCO or NAIA) at a showcase after two years of not playing baseball. I'll be honest with you, this is not going to be easy at first glance. Let me give this some more thought. If you can post more info related to my questions, that would be helpful.
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  • JrBaseballDreamsJrBaseballDreams 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Hey Thanks For the Replies.

    To Answer Some Of Your Questions. I considered A recruiting service because there is exposure to schools i prob never thought about or heard off. Another reason is yes i can do it myself ( I would much rather as you said i have control of the situation). The promblem with that is A coach will probably get to see a video sent by a service rather then someone just mailing it to them. I played For A School that had just opened the year before so there was no exposure whatsoever. I Mainly want to play JUco and i do have intentions on going proffesional. I did try out at fall. I believe noone made the team not because noone was good the coach said he already have a full roster going over the number he needed. This is also another issues i want to try to get myself out there to as many schools as possible and thats the only way i see it possible. The issue is not being good enough if im not thats on me, the issue would mainly be trying to go for schools who may not need me and there might be a school out there that does. My Main concern is finding a way for more then 1 coach to see me play. Any Advice is Much Appreciated.
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member

    You have a PM. Please let me know.
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  • Swimmer4Life1Swimmer4Life1 11 replies0 threads New Member
    There are many things you can do all by yourself to help you get the college of your choice. One of the easiest is showing your dedication and doing your research. A coach will choose "a dedicated athlete who is excited to play for him and knows that the program has potential for success and would like to help" over an athlete who is just browsing for schools. Look through this site for a guide that outlines the basic process, It is for swimming but applicable to all sports.

    College Recruiting Guide for Swimmers
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member
    To close out this thread, JBD is considering tranferrring from a 4yr school to a JUCO to pursue professional baseball as a career option. He considered a gap year situation but JUCO remains his primary pursuit. I sent him some JUCO showcase links and contacts for him to get the necessary exposure. After discussing the situation with him, he determined that a recruiting service is not necessary. I wish him the best of luck going forward.
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