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Best time to call college coach?


Replies to: Best time to call college coach?

  • tpmcintytpmcinty 25 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Agree strongly with seeing a game or two. Ideally you want to see the team either losing or struggling. Everybody coaches well when things are going right. You need to find out how they coach when it is not going their way. How do they turn it around and win.

    We saw about 15 schools play last year. We found that Tri-Matches or Quad-matches were the best because you got to see a bunch of teams and matches at once. We went to see one school that my daughter was interested in and we were glad we did. They started playing badly and the coaches basically did nothing to stop it. My daughter decided then and there that she was taking that school off her list unless there was a coaching change.

    At another match we saw a school play that we were not familiar with. My daughter liked how the coach performed and how the team played. They lost the match to one of the top 5 teams in Division 3 but they never stopped trying. My daughter researched the school and like it more. She contacted the coach and he has been recruiting her ever since.

    Now along with seeing matches she is also trying to see some practices. She saw one this past weekend and will see one this coming weekend. I know she is going to contact another school about seeing their practice.

    Her problem is her high school schedule conflicts with many of the matches she wants to see. Weekends are not much better. Her high school team has two Saturday tournaments this year. Plus you have to throw in the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests. Once school starts in two weeks there will be no weekdays off until Thanksgiving. Our school district does not take off for Columbus Day or Veterans Day. They want to use those days as extra snow days if they need them.
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  • vballgirl94vballgirl94 72 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Wow that is a good point. Seeing how the coach/team reacts when they are losing definitely says a lot about the program. It is a similar idea as to when a college coach comes to see you at a tournament and they want to see how you react when you or a teammate makes a bad play.
    Scheduling to see a college game will definitely be a challenge. I do not have any high school games on Saturdays, but I do have other activities plus homework on the weekends. Hopefully it'll all work out.
    Also, there are no rules against attending and watching a college practice? Is that considered an unofficial visit?
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  • GolfFatherGolfFather 1462 replies57 threads Senior Member
    I have just heard back from another D3 college that I am interested in. They said that I am now on their "priority recruiting list" and am "officially being recruited" by them. I am very happy, as this is a good sign.

    Congrats! Good luck.
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  • vballgirl94vballgirl94 72 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Aw thanks GolfFather
    I am just excited that schools are showing interest. I am in an area where volleyball is not big at all. Only a select number of players each year go to college for volleyball from my area, and I'd be honored to be one next year. In hindsight, I wish I had found ways to get more exposure to college coaches early. I probably should have tried out for a volleyball club with an actual national team and more dedicated players, but you can't change the past.
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