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Separate Admissions Application for Athletic Recruits

editoreditor 322 replies35 threads Member
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Has anyone come across this?
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Replies to: Separate Admissions Application for Athletic Recruits

  • momof2010momof2010 398 replies9 threads Member
    We did not and I had 2 athletes go thru recruiting, one is D1 NCAA the other is NAIA.
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  • fauvefauve 3500 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Some schools send athletes applications which have special markings for the admission department. I seem to recall Cornell and UPenn had them.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29928 replies59 threads Senior Member
    They have to fill out apps?
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  • editoreditor 322 replies35 threads Member
    Turns out its the same application that all students need fill out, it just goes through the athletic department.
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  • fogfogfogfog 3868 replies188 threads Senior Member
    THe schools our student applied to all used Common Apps and supplements. All athletes apply in the same process as all students. The difference comes with recruiting/slots.
    The is no short cut for student athletes.
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  • varskavarska 1406 replies24 threads Senior Member
    ^our experience as well
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  • ahsmuohahsmuoh 1309 replies37 threads Senior Member
    My dd has a very good friend that said that she "was accepted" to a very good school and has talked to the coach but has not filled out an application. My dd asked if that is possible - I am assuming that even athletes (and this girl is a very strong athlete for this particular program so it doesn't surprise me that she will get in even with her academics not being 100% what they are looking for) have to fill out applications? If not, there is something wrong - they are going to SCHOOL! And I say this with a son coming up that will be recruited to - they better make him fill out applications!
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  • hangNtherehangNthere 94 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Ahsmuoh, my guess is that your child's friend means a positive pre-read by admissions.
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  • fogfogfogfog 3868 replies188 threads Senior Member
    Your daughter's friend is likely being recruited, and has probably provided a transcript, scores etc for a pre-read from admissions so that she may be considered by the coach.

    IF she has not been cleared by admissions regardless if the coach says she will get in--that is dicey...
    Admissions admits. Period.

    Colleges do not accept athletes without academics. Especially with NCAA sports, the student must clear a minimum (albeit very low) standard with the Clearinghouse...besides admissions of the college. That NCAA application has to be done and the highschool has to send the student's transcript at the end of senior year.

    Sometimes kids hear what they want to hear and assume they are in--when in fact it means the coach likes them (as well as many other athletes) yet they do not have an admissions offer.
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  • SteveMASteveMA 6020 replies59 threads Senior Member
    We have come across a couple schools that have a supplement for recruited athletes but not separate applications.
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  • imafanimafan 231 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I think fogfog is right on. Once an athlete has been through admissions pre-read and has been given the go ahead, they are as good as admitted. (remember they will sign a NLI CONTRACT in November - before Applications are even due!) However, they do have to fill out an application, write the essays, and if needed, get the recommendations. I would not take that process likely; no need showing anyone less than 100% effort whether it's athletics or applications.
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