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Ivy Official visits interview

tracktownusatracktownusa 9 replies6 threads New Member
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I am planning on an official visit to an ivy league school.
I want to know what to expect(like what kinds of questions they will ask me)at the interviews, both coaches' interview and admission's interview(if there is one).

Thank you
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Replies to: Ivy Official visits interview

  • ChicagoMamaChicagoMama 225 replies12 threads Junior Member
    If you feel strongly about the school, the answers should flow rather freely. Spend an hour or two on the Internet on your own going over the team's recent seasons, which athletes they are losing this year ('13) who they brought on last year (HS of '12 or even '13 if you can get the information). Know coaches by name and face, even athletes on the team if you can. Then when you meet them on campus and say oh, you are coach "John Doe" or you are senior or junior athlete "Jane Smith" you can be prepared to extend a hand and say you are so pleased to meet them. Ask the head coach what they think you can bring to their program - they have you there for a reason. Use their answers to open up a dialogue. If you really want to go to that school, be prepared to say why and what you are willing to do if they have concerns. Get familiar with the school, period. Don't come in like you chose the school just because it's an Ivy. Many kids do choose schools this way, but as an athlete, respect your advantage of application status and the privilege of an OV by researching the school and the athletic program you are applying to.
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  • tracktownusatracktownusa 9 replies6 threads New Member
    Thank you Chicagomama!!!
    What are some questions that they might ask me?
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  • ChicagoMamaChicagoMama 225 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Honestly I think if you take care of the other stuff, you will be prepared well enough. What do you want to study? What do you want to do later after college? Right now it all seems like "just get in" but these are all legitimate questions they could ask you. Have answers. All coaches will want to have the feeling you will stay with the sport through senior year.
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