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Is there a commitment letter for D 3

ELKyesELKyes 327 replies10 threads Member
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I have been reading the NCAA D 3 rules, but can't find specific information, on committing to a D 3 girls soccer school? After they offer you a spot on the team, and the admissions office says you would be admitted, is there an actual form that is signed? Or is it all verbal at the D3 level? And if there is a form, is there an earliest date that can happen? Any info appreciated.
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Replies to: Is there a commitment letter for D 3

  • varskavarska 1406 replies24 threads Senior Member
    It's pretty much all verbal in D3.
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member
    ELKyes asked....is there an actual form that is signed?

    Don't worry, they will send you a bill. You get to write a check! ;-). I just wrote two checks which was extremely painful!

    All kidding aside, it is a verbal commitment between the recruit and coach. You should be receiving official admission acceptance in early-Dec if you are applying Nov 1 ED. In D1 if the recruit receives scholarship $, there is a doc that needs to be signed.

    Your D school may be having a signing celebration at her high school which is ceremonial for all rising college athletes. Any piece of paper for the cameras will be fine! Good luck!
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  • kwalker203kwalker203 65 replies17 threads Junior Member
    No as has been stated, its just a verbal commitment between player and coach. Then I am hearing they normally connect via ph or email in the fall to go over confirmation of applying ED,etc....

    To fenwaysouth...is that ceremony you mentioned normally done in all schools? Private and public? What a lovely idea and concept, great way to honor the student athlete and how hard they work to get to that point.
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member

    It is done in all of the public and private schools where I live. The format can vary depending on the sport's season and how many student athletes. Typically it is something coordinated by the AD with local media. Your mileage may vary.
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  • ELKyesELKyes 327 replies10 threads Member
    Thanks all. I know on seniors award night, they honor the college recruits. But that is among all the other merit awards that are also given out.
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