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Coach email???

boggy2019boggy2019 6 replies3 threads New Member
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I am a junior and I have been in email contact with a couple D1 and D2 schools for the past 2months. Just filling out questionnaires put me on the recruiting radar of coaches. My high school coach has offered to email the colleges a recommendation. When/should I have my high school coach reach out to the colleges.
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Replies to: Coach email???

  • ELKyesELKyes 327 replies10 threads Member
    My recommendation as a junior, is to continue to just be in contact with the schools. Let them know when your meets or games are. Invite them to come watch. Send your times etc. Showing interest goes a very long way. Make a player profile. A coaches recommendation can go at any time. Don't think there is a time table for that.
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  • OnTrack2013OnTrack2013 246 replies5 threads Junior Member
    We did it the other way around. With his permission, we gave out HS coaches contact info (phone and email) and told college coaches to contact him directly for recommendation. Not all did (many preferred their own evaluation of performance and videos) but a few contacted HS coach via phone early in senior year.

    We kept HS coach updated with which schools my son was most interested in. My son did use a written HS coach recommendation for many of his applications, but that was one written specifically for admissions.
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  • takeitallintakeitallin 3352 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Our son included coach recommendations on his on-line profile, rather than sending them individually to each coach. He is in a sport that is recruited from the club level rather than from high school so included his club coach's recommendation. Anytime he completed a college questionnaire or e-mailed a coach, he included a link to his profile.
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  • boggy2019boggy2019 6 replies3 threads New Member
    My high school coach is retiring after this season (so like next week) so would that change the need? I have talked with multiple schools on the idea of graduating high school in December of 2014 in order to get a head start on school and possibly start in the fall. Where would early graduation place me in the recruiting process?
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  • takeitallintakeitallin 3352 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Since your coach is retiring, I would see if you could get him to write a general recommendation that you could use to forward to coaches. You also might ask for permission to use his email or cell phone in case coaches want to contact him. As far as graduating mid--year, I'm not sure how that would impact recruitment. Most coaches recruit for fall enrollment. For Div1 coaches that have a spring sport, many have already finished recruiting for next year but it would depend on the school. D2 may also have already recruited, but again it would depend on the school. Your best bet might be D3 which tend to recruit later. It is hard to say without knowing the sport or your stats.
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  • SwimkidsdadSwimkidsdad 613 replies3 threads Member

    If your high school coach is retiring I would have him send out his letter of recommendation now.

    As far as graduating early then starting college in January this sort of thing happens all the time in D1 football. The players that do this get a head start by participating in spring training. Be aware that some schools especially more selective schools only allow freshman to start during the fall so check with admissions before you ask the coach. NCAA rules may also make this difficult for your particular sport. If the school allows freshman to start in January and NCAA rules do not present a problem then I would think that graduating early would have little impact on the recruiting process but I would check with the coach.
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