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When to stop Recruiting emails?

meow1985meow1985 82 replies7 threads Junior Member
edited December 2013 in Athletic Recruits
Son is still getting mass recruiting emails from other schools despite being committed to another school, but not yet accepted.

One email asked today, please let us know if you are committed to another school so we can take you off our mailing list.

At what point do you do this? When you get the actual acceptance, I presume, but don't know for sure.

Son has already told other schools who were actively recruiting him that he was going with the one school. I just don't know what to do about the schools that are still casting their lines. (I guess that's how you'd describe it)

Thanks for any advice.
edited December 2013
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Replies to: When to stop Recruiting emails?

  • schoolhouseschoolhouse 258 replies9 threads Junior Member
    when he gets accepted and you have the financial piece all in place, then you can disregard other inquiries...............until then you are still a free agent.
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  • GingerPeachGingerPeach 110 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I did a search for this topic ... So question now, son is accepted and still getting emails from college programs. Not personal, we are just still on their lists. Many are from schools in the same league as son's college.

    Should we email that he is going to another school, or do they really not care because it is an automatically-generated list? And if it is an automatic email list, are we giving an edge to other schools in the league by letting them start to fill in our son's school's roster early?
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  • fenwaysouthfenwaysouth 976 replies12 threads Member
    My two cents.....

    If your son is officially accepted, and the communication is with a coach who had genuine interest either email or phone the coach on his accepted status.

    If your son is officially accepted and the communication is non-personal, you can email them back to take you off the list or create an email block, spam filter if they don't take you off the list.

    If your son is not officially accepted, I wouldn't do anything.
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  • harvesterharvester 136 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Most annoying is getting the "come to our winter ID camp" from the coach who already saw your kid and chose not to support them. LOL

    I would wait until the ink is dry on the acceptance letter!
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  • happymomto3happymomto3 56 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Harvester - that is annoying. Some schools just do it so much better than others.

    My S only sent emails to those that were in pursuit and were good people that handled their end of things really well.
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  • OnTrack2013OnTrack2013 246 replies5 threads Junior Member
    We had our son send a very factual e-mail to the 3 other schools that were viable options, stating just what you have, that he had given a verbal commitment, but not been accepted or signed yet. In our case he needed to say something because he had possible OVs that he was no longer interested in taking, so we did not want to burn any bridges. In all cases coaches said ok, good luck, and call if things don’t work out. He will likely see these other coaches at future events so he did not want to be rude. For a few others that were in the mix, he just e-mailed or told them next time they called, that he committed somewhere else and didn’t give details. If the e-mails were mass mailings and not to him personally he did nothing and all stopped coming eventually…

    Also based on advice from others, once we got the actual acceptance in hand from the school he would attend, he contacted admissions for 3 schools (that were his second, third , etc. choice) that he was declining. Since there was academic money being declined, we were advised by other parents to not just leave things hanging (and decline by virtue of not sending in a deposit). By contacting admissions (D1 OOS schools) in 2 of the 3 cases he was sent a letter stating that because he declined in a timeframe to allow them to offer money to others on the wait list, should he wish to transfer for the next academic year he would not need to reapply and was given different contact info (and in one case a previously admitted student code) to save if needed, this gave us a little piece of mind in case things don’t work out at his current school.
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