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is this sincere or just an automatic response?

radgreekradgreek 142 replies12 threads Junior Member
Recently, after filling out a questionnaire to the Coast Guard Academy for their track program, the head coach emailed me back this response. I'm still confused as to whether this is a genuine response penned by him, or if it's the standard response that everyone receives? Shortly after this email was sent, another email from him arrived with the results of the last Coast Guard Academy Track meet.

If it helps, I am an elite track athlete, and my times fit closely with those of the runners at CGA. This is all information that must be inputted into the questionnaire. Here is the email, with my name omitted.

Hi ______,

I just wanted to follow up with you now that I've received your questionnaire. Thanks for taking to time to provide me with some more information on your athletic and academic background. I'm looking forward to communicating with you some more as you continue to explore the Coast Guard Academy and our athletics program. Please keep me posted on your athletic and academic progress and feel free to contact me any time. Also, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with your admissions officer. They will not only serve as a resource for you, but if you decide to apply, they can help advocate for you in the application process.

Hope all is going well and I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if there is anything that I can do while you are exploring the Coast Guard Academy. All the best.

Coach Ethan Brown
USCGA Track & Field/Cross Country

If anyone has experience decoding things like this, please let me know! I responded immediately with an attachment of my track schedule as well as a well thought-out response.
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Replies to: is this sincere or just an automatic response?

  • radgreekradgreek 142 replies12 threads Junior Member
    bump! I really need help here.
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  • CaliCashCaliCash 2759 replies69 threads Senior Member
    If it was shortly after, if was probably automatic. Also, it seems very generic.
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  • varskavarska 1406 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Yes, seems generic. You could pick up the phone and call him, that would give a much better indication of his interest level.
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  • fenwayparkfenwaypark 693 replies3 threads Member
    There is one sure-fire way to tell with some of these messages. Look at the very bottom and see if there is a link or other instructions to "unsubscribe".

    Seriously. I have seen this multiple times on various coaches' communications.

    If there is, the letter definitely is generic, distributed to a list. If there is not, then maybe it is generic, maybe it isn't.
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  • BarflyBarfly 1436 replies20 threads Senior Member
    It sounds like a generic response. That doesn't mean he's not interested in you. But that is the auto email sent after a questionnaire is submitted. You may get another email or call after the coaches have time to look more carefully. It's D3, right, so coaches can contact you even if you are a junior? I don't know how it works for track, but for football, the D1 coaches are very regulated on contacting athletes, but the D3 coaches were not. Once my son emailed, and especially visited, the D3 schools, the coaches were very proactive. Remember also that the coach is in the middle of the track season so he doesn't have much time right now for recruiting.
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  • musicmom26musicmom26 77 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I totally agree with TopTier. My DD has been offered a slot as a CGA Scholar. It is a really big decision, and you should know all of the facts and what you're getting into. She is also a recruited XC/TF runner. This is how the process started for her and grew from there once she filled out the questionnaire. We still get the generic emails from him as far as the recent XC/Track meets or when something special happens with the team, but my D and him exchange emails on a regular basis as well as phone calls and kept him updated as far as her times and accomplishments, and he's answered any questions that I have had as a parent. But she also got emails from him recommending things for her to do like the AIM summer program, which she did, and the Cadet for a Day, which she did, where she was able to shadow a cadet to class and attend practice with the team. So she was able to get a good idea of what she would be in for if she received an appointment. Not sure how it worked as far as her being offered the slot, but he told us to let admissions know that she was a recruited athlete.

    She stayed in contact with Coach Brown, followed his advice, visited and applied and will be off to New London in July. Hope that helps, and good luck to you.
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  • lubbublubbub 67 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2015
    I read it as a generic automated response. But I will also say that my son and daughter both received many of these that I considered more of a confirmation that they had received the submitted questionnaire. Sometimes shortly after this we got an email or call from a coach which let us know there was indeed sincere interest.

    I would not let this response impact you in any way. Lots going on for coaches, dead period come and go, indoor season is now in full swing. Most importantly we learned some coaches are much better at the recruiting process than others, so activity, or lack of, can easily be misinterpreted by athletes and their parents.

    Schedules aren't going to help coaches any, they rarely if ever are going to get to see you run. Send him an email every couple of weeks with links to your online stats. Identifying prospects is very streamlined and matter of fact for Track coaches based on all the stats being available online.

    What kind of track stats do you have?
    edited January 2015
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  • gointhruaphasegointhruaphase 532 replies3 threads Member
    Chiming in with the rest of the posters. When in doubt, look at what was said in the email. Could it be addressed to anyone or is there something particular that relates only to you? Does the email relate specifically to your times, the way that you play, the school that you attend, your grades or your board scores. If not, chances are it is a generic email. I also agree with Barfly though that there is nothing wrong per se with emails sent to everyone that fills out a recruiting questionnaire. Actually, it is polite to acknowledge the effort in completing the questionnaire and its receipt. From these early contacts, the coach can start the process of whittling down his or her recruits.

    Varsky is a great resource. The suggestion of a phone call or even a responding email is a good one. The coach has returned serve. You now need to return the volley -- that is, if you want to attend the Coast Guard Academy. No one gets recruited with one email, whether it is generic or highly personal. Being recruited takes a lot of work.
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  • radgreekradgreek 142 replies12 threads Junior Member
    thank you all so much for your input! Turns out he is in fact interested in recruiting me.
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  • SwimkidsdadSwimkidsdad 613 replies3 threads Member

    I would continue to communicate with the Coast Guard coach on a regular basis including emailing him your results at major meets. You should be able to judge his level of interest based on his responses.
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  • MtVarneyMtVarney 1 replies0 threads New Member
    What are your best marks in your track events?
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