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One bad semester-Am I doomed?

Shakeitoff21Shakeitoff21 5 replies3 threads New Member
I've not seen this specific problem addressed so here goes.

To preface, I was seen on campus at a showcase, invited to another camp, given a written evaluation by the HC along with the offer to get a pre-read. I'm backwards...ACT 33 but GPA 3.4 uw. Failed an online class sophomore year that I should never have taken as I didn't need it and didn't have to retake. Not a core class. I have plenty of units to graduate.

Anyway, HC expressed that the transcript may not be viewed high enough by admissions. This is a top 10 school. I applied ED anyway as this is the school I want. Told HC and sent a copy of my application to HC who has been a little non-responsive but asked for fall schedule which I sent. I'm dual enrolled and this semester currently carrying all As in 6 classes. When I asked about him supporting me through admissions,HC says he's not sure any of the sports have much pull with admissions this year but sees me contributing my freshman year.

Then I don't hear from him again much. I don't think it's my baseball skills holding me back. Any coach mind readers out there?
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