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2 Questions for ED1 Recruit

bayfront2bayfront2 16 replies8 threads New Member
Although I think this was asked, I have not really seen many responses so I'd like to ask again. My son is getting phone calls, emails from D3 coaches asking him to come for an overnight. My son verbally committed to a different coach and has applied ED1 already.
1. Should he tell the other coaches that he has verbally committing already and if it doesn't work out with the ED1 school, my son would contact them?
2. Should he contact the ED1 school coach and let him know that other coaches are wanting him to do an overnight and ask if he will be accepted so he can tell the other coaches that are contacting him?
Thank you very much.
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Replies to: 2 Questions for ED1 Recruit

  • fleishmo6fleishmo6 554 replies29 threads Member
    1) As of now your son applied ED1. No coach will or school will allow him to do an overnight nor should your son accept one as he made his selection. Yes, your son should let the other coaches know that he went ED elsewhere. Yes, he should ask them that if things do not work out can he reach out to them down the road.
    2) He can reach out to ED1 coach but only to ask if he has heard anything. Coach is not supposed to tell you even if he has heard something. The schools have a date when students will hear about ED1 and you most likely will not know the result until then. The Admissions office might let coach know earlier than the date but they do not want him to share the result. You just need to relax and have faith in the process.
    Good luck
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  • bayfront2bayfront2 16 replies8 threads New Member
    Thank you fleishmo6. That is exactly what we needed to know. All the coaches seem to have contacted him just this past weekend and son did not know how to respond.
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  • fleishmo6fleishmo6 554 replies29 threads Member
    edited September 2016
    My youngest son, who is a freshmen now, was in a similar spot as your son last year. He went to his first OV, knew that was where he wanted to attend. He chose to cancel his other scheduled OVs and did ask the coaches if he could reach out for ED2 if things did not work out. It was a little easier for him than it was for his brother who was a senior at the school. He knew the team and the coach. Waiting for that day in Dec is very nerve racking to say the least.
    edited September 2016
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  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Almost a decade of swim spectating at the same school! Jealous! We're switching to softball, as you know, and it's a lot colder outside!
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