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NCAA Div 3 swimming recruitment

MrDiazMrDiaz 165 replies51 threads Junior Member
Hi am student athlete from Singapore and I want to get recruited to NYU (div3) or UChicago(div3). I have done some research on some of the swimmers and I would say I am above average for both in terms of my record.

So my best times are...
200m breastroke = 2:20 second (short course meter), 2:27 (long course meter)
200IM = 2:17 second (long course)
100m breastroke = 1:05 (short course meter)

My stats:
- Unweighted GPA: 3.8/4.0
- Havent done the SATs but around 1350s
- Predicted IB points: 38/45
- IGCSE grades: 2xA*, 5xAs, 2xBs

Extra curriculars
- Orchestra
- Economics tutor
- NYAA awards
- SSC awards

Do you think I am eligible? Either school will be great tbh.
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Replies to: NCAA Div 3 swimming recruitment

  • TheTennisNinjaTheTennisNinja 349 replies31 threads Member
    Don't know that much about D3 swimming but you should try to get your SATs and IB points up. Because swimming is a "niche sport", your stats will likely have to be in the ballpark of admitted students. Try reaching out to the coaches and see what they say. If you can, try competing in national-level tourneys in the US as that will help attract the attention of coaches. Also, I may be biased since it is my school but have you considered Emory? We have a pretty good swimming program.
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies2 threads Member
    U of Chicago will be tough because of your SAT score. You need to add about 100 to get in there. I don't know about NYU.

    IIRC from your other posts, you are graduating high school next year and looking to enroll fall of 2019. If that is true, then you need to get going on your recruiting. Most spots will be filled through early enrollment around Nov 1st. The coaches aren't going to come to you, so you have to make all of the effort.

    - Get an account on collegeswimming.com . Manually enter all your times that are not already in there.
    - Research schools and come up with a list of 10-20 colleges you can make the conference finals, have the SAT score to get in, and would like to go to school at. You don't know which schools have a spot open for a breast stroker with your times. Probably half of the spots are already filled by verbal commitments.
    - Fill out the recruiting questionnaire on the school's websites.
    - Wait a day or two and email all of the coaches a short intro with your times and grades.
    - Don't be surprised if nobody emails you back. When you get your SAT score or a new swim PR email again. Try to email every 2-3 weeks.

    Good luck!

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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies2 threads Member
    I forgot to add: Always link to your collegeswimming page in your emails so they can quickly see your times and progress.
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  • MrDiazMrDiaz 165 replies51 threads Junior Member
    I just want to study in NYC (NYU) so yeah im focusing more on NYU. But I heard that recurited swimmers can get low sat scores....like Im pretty sure there are some ivy league swimmers whos SATs scores are in 1200s range...
    Does anyone know about NYU swimming and their sat swimmer scores?
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  • MrDiazMrDiaz 165 replies51 threads Junior Member
    @AlwaysMoving Thank you for the info!
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  • MrDiazMrDiaz 165 replies51 threads Junior Member
    how about Boston uni?
    do i have the potential?
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 23842 replies17 threads Senior Member
    .like Im pretty sure there are some ivy league swimmers whos SATs scores are in 1200s range...

    Don't count on that.

    Sports can help you get into a school, but most schools don't lower their standards and the Ivies don't. They don't have to. Plenty of really smart athletes out there.
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  • fleishmo6fleishmo6 554 replies29 threads Member
    Convert your short course meter times to short course yards
    Go on collegeswimming and see where your times fit on the team. Your SAT scores will need to be in line with the other admitted non athletes students. As others have said you need to get those scores up to 1400.
    Also check to see if your schools need SAT 2s
    Email the coaches with your stats both academic and your swim times. They will be very truthful whether or not you are recruitable for their programs.
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies2 threads Member
    Here is the 200 Breast times at NYU: https://www.collegeswimming.com/team/59/times/?page=1&orgcode=3&lsc=&state=&subregion=&team=59&gender=M&event=3200&season=2017-2018

    Here are the 200 Breast times at U of Boston: https://www.collegeswimming.com/team/229/times/?page=1&orgcode=3&lsc=&state=&subregion=&team=229&gender=M&event=3200&season=2017-2018

    Your swim times fit at BU, but your SAT scores are at the bottom of their range. You have a chance there, and it should be one of the schools you contact. The coach will tell you whether he can get you into the school.

    NYU is a long shot.
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies2 threads Member
    like Im pretty sure there are some ivy league swimmers whos SATs scores are in 1200s range...

    I'm sure it happens, but it's not very often and that swimmer will be a major contributor at the conference championship meet in multiple events.

    For example, I recently talked to a coach at a private school similar academically to BU. She said admissions is almost automatic for swimmers with grades and scores above the median of regular admits. If a kid's scores and grades fall below the median the admissions department takes a hard look at their file, and often doesn't admit the athlete.
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  • OutaStateOutaState 8 replies0 threads New Member
    Almost all elite D3 schools require you to have the academic qualifications to get in, and then the coach will help support you with a letter of recommendation. The swimming will not boost you up and make up for low test scores. That might happen a little more in the D1 schools, but then many of them have even higher swim standard times than D3. We have found that the coach has a limited number of prospects he can recommend with admissions, so they need to have the academic qualifications met first and foremost, and then of course he is going to pick and choose the highest athletic contributors. The coach won't recommend every single recruit that wants to go there. In addition, applying ED shows the coach who is serious about his school and will likely accept the admission offer, so he doesn't have to go back to Admissions with a new round of recruits to fill out his squad. As mentioned elsewhere, a lot of coaches have their recruit lists in hand prior to Nov 1st deadline for ED/EA, and have invited kids for visits, and have a good idea what they are dealing with. You can find average SAT/ACT scores, as well as conference scoring swim times easily to see if you would be a competitive recruit or not.
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