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Ivy Official Visits - Timing

LAURA92LAURA92 1 replies3 threadsRegistered User New Member
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My daughter passed the pre-read at an IVY. (She has very high test scores and GPA and has great leadership examples, etc. but she doesn't have a great 2k time). Many members of her team were dropped after pre-read. The coach emailed my daughter and told her that they would be reviewing all the files of all the candidates and would be in touch and asked my daughter update her changes in her 2k. My questions are 1. Do you think by now, they have already sent our official visits offers to their top recruits? 2. What is the latest that offers for official visits are sent? 3. Is it a good idea for my daughter to follow-up with the coach in a week or so to see where she stands and emphasize that the school is her number choice and would be committed to rowing all 4 years ? 4. Would an email from her coach recommending help? Thank-you
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  • recruitparentrecruitparent 48 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I would say a follow-up to the coach with specific questions would help to let you know where you stand.
    Different sport so I am not sure how many likely letters are given out in your sport but my D/S unofficially visited several campuses including meeting with the coaches during the summer and official visits in the Sep/Oct. I don't seem to recall an official visit letter per say, the coach communicated by email or calls stating they would like to have D/S at an OV weekend and which weekends they were targeting. I don't think the decision was made on our end or narrowed as to which schools to OV before Sept.
    If the shool was our top choice and D/S wanted to committ, the coaches stated that Likely Letters would be offerred.
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  • politepersonpoliteperson 314 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    Yep, I’d follow up with the coach after a reasonable amount of time, probably a couple of weeks. Just let them know she’s checking in, putting together her fall schedule, would love to visit and learn more about the program, wondering if they’ve made any decisions about official visits. Something along those lines. Don’t go overboard; they’ve told her they need some time and explained why, so she’ll want to respect that by giving a reasonable amount of time. Yes, it’s true they might be using that time to reach out to others. But it’s unlikely you’re going to change their timetable or process. Whether or not to involve the current coach is sort of a personal decision. Honestly, at this point it probably comes down to athletic talent and potential more than anything. Good luck!
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