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Bates College Swim Recruiting

nikswim67nikswim67 0 replies2 threads New Member
I received an email from Bates College about interest in my academics as well as swimming. They found me off of the NCSA recruiting website where my current times are posted. In the email they asked me to fill out their recruit form if I had Futures time standards, I do not. Why would they send an email knowing that I do not have any Futures times? The email also specified how they were 11th in the nation, and I looked at their rankings on College Swimming. They were ranked 50+ in the Division III conference. I do not know where they are ranked “11th”. My times are competitive with the times that their swimmers are swimming, as a junior. Why are they asking for such high recruiting standards, meanwhile a percentage of their swimmers aren’t even achieving those standards?
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Replies to: Bates College Swim Recruiting

  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies2 threads Member
    They're sending out a blast email from NCSA to see who is interested in swimming at Bates. Fill out the online form and follow up with an introductory email with your grades, best times, and a little bit about you.

    It looks like their top swimmers in each event are at or below Futures times, so they're just fishing hoping you are at that level. They obviously have swimmers without those times.

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  • NJSwimMomNJSwimMom 2 replies0 threads New Member
    My S2021 swimmer recently received similar unsolicited emails from a couple other schools in that conference, even though he doesn’t meet the time standard or GPA that they should be looking for. I’m guessing these are just mass emails sent to a mailing list because his swim times and GPA are right on his NCSA and college swimming.com recruiting profiles and the coach could easily see by looking that he doesn’t actually match their school. ( college doesn’t even offer his stated major either)
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