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Top 8 Recruiting Swimming

raideraderaiderade 2319 replies180 discussions- Posts: 2,499 Senior Member
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If you're in the top eight for more than one event in a small state in a very competetive swimming area, would that be indicative of potential recruitment at a D3 school?
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Replies to: Top 8 Recruiting Swimming

  • njcentconfnjcentconf 137 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    I suggest you check the times of swimmers at the schools you are considering, and see if your times are competitive. For runners and swimmers and golfers, your numbers matter, not the numbers of others around you in high school!
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  • swpdadswpdad 21 replies8 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 29 New Member
    Hate to give you the "it depends" answer BUT... it depends!!

    There are highly competitive D3 schools where you would need Junior National Cuts to even be considered as a recruit. Kenyon, Denison, Emory would be a few in this category.

    There are other D3 school where a Junior National Cut would make you the best swimmer on the team.

    If you would like to post your times and the schools you are considering perhaps I and others here can comment more.
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  • NorthMinnesotaNorthMinnesota 6598 replies70 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,668 Senior Member
    A Google search should give you lots of answers!
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  • mwgdcmwgdc 51 replies13 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 64 Junior Member
    Agree with swpdad. It all depends on the schools you are interested in. Look at the conference championships of the various schools. If your times are in the A final, then those schools in that conference would most likely be extremely interested. If you have B final times, then certain schools in that conference would be interested. It also depends on the wants and needs of the coaches that particular season. Where are they weak/strong/losing swimmers. These factors all play a role.

    In swimming as stated above, it is ALL about your times!

    Send in recruiting questionaires to any and all schools you are interested and see what happens. Good luck.
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  • Swimmingjew552Swimmingjew552 73 replies32 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    hey raiderade! I'm interested in swimming D3 in college too! PM me and we can talk about it, I know a bit about Recruiting and the teams.
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  • fauvefauve 3499 replies26 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,525 Senior Member
    Go to the online swim team rosters at your prospective schools. Compare your times to the current best swimmers in your events. Check which class level they are (coaches will need young swimmers to replace their graduating seniors). All this data will indicate whether your times would qualify you for the team.
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  • beltwaymombeltwaymom 21 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 22 Junior Member
    Broad rule of thumb: if you have Sectional cuts, most D-3 schools and some less competitive D-1 schools -- known as Mid Major D-1 schools (Boston College, Providence, Villanova,Fordham, to name some) should be interested.

    If you are looking for D-1 or Ivies, junior cuts are needed.

    If you can show you are still dropping times and expect to keep dropping in colelge, that will also help you.

    A lot of kids peak in high school. If you are still dropping time senior year, you can use that to market yourself to coach. Boys are more likely to drop time in college.

    Check the swim team websites and
    Check out CollegeSwimming.com, Swimming, NCAA, News, Meet Results, Schedule, Top Times, Team Rankings, Recruiting

    Email coaches with your best times and dates and swimming awards.
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  • mendy328mendy328 22 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 24 Junior Member
    Great answers from previous posters. My son was recruited by a large D1 (top 20) because he showed lots of interest (visit, e-mails, updated swim resume, etc.). He had Junior cuts, but so do lots of others. We think it was his pursuit of the school and fitting in with the team that clinched it.

    What do you want to be? A big fish in a smaller pond? A medium fish in a medium pond? Or, a small fish in a big pond? It's a personal decision. Look at the school's web sites and see how your times mesh with theirs. That will give you an idea. Think about the conference, too. Some weren't as appealing to my son as others. Even the smallest things (like a silly mascot) had him scratching it off the list.

    Does your coach have a network? Ask him to make some contacts for you. I bet he's met other coaches at various clinics, etc. It's truly a fun process and you will end up where you are supposed to be! Listen to your heart and have fun! You don't want it to be a 'job'. To keep getting faster, you've got to truly enjoy the sport!
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  • MontegutMontegut 5518 replies606 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,124 Senior Member
    How does one get recruited for a Division I school?

    Can you swim for a division I school and be a premed major?
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  • MontegutMontegut 5518 replies606 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,124 Senior Member
    anyone familiar with any schools in the southern region of the US?

    What about UT Austin and Texas A&M for swimming?

    Can you major in premed and swim for these schools, or is it swim only?

    I know of Auburn's reputation with Olympiads, but no knowledge of schools other than that one.
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  • Swimmingjew552Swimmingjew552 73 replies32 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    UT austin is one of the strongest men's swim teams in the nation, and A&M has one of the strongest women's teams. I'm sure they would both be extremely intense athletically, but Not impossible to juggle a pre-med schedule on. Just don't expect to be recruited by UT or A&M unless you're one of the best in the country. Walking on would be pretty hard too. Point in case-Cole Craigin. Recently graduated senior, broke the national record in the men's shortcourse 100 backstroke, 46.75. Where was he recruited and attending next year? UT. Texas is some of the best of the best for swimming, so know what you;re getting into.
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  • kctitan11kctitan11 2 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2 New Member
    say im a swimming with times a couple seconds short of a sectional cut in about 4-5 events, where would that put me for colleges?
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  • fogfogfogfog 3868 replies188 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4,056 Senior Member
    A friend of mine's student was "done"--ie recruited/verballed by the early spring of jr yr...

    The family and student had done the research fo times, schools, programs and did lots of unofficial visits to check out programs...back in soph yr and early jr yr

    from what they have said--times - winning at top levels -- get great looks...and emailing and keeping coahces informed of times/wins is important.

    In this case the student got nearly a full ride to a flagship - for 5 yrs - since they are in the pool 6 hrs a day and cannot carry full schedules. This student is shooting for the Olympics and chose the schoolo based on what the coahces are doing/can do.
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  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,059 Senior Member
    I don't see how you could possibly be pre-med at a D1...Saying that, a friend of mine's D is D1 LAX and premed-but she is a driven person who has no social life...
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  • riverrunnerriverrunner 2663 replies52 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,715 Senior Member
    ^^oldbates, there are a fair number of premed athletes at the Ivies. Maybe people don't consider that to be "real" DI. I don't know if the practice and comp schedules are comparable to other DI's. They seem to compete well in DI in some sports, but not all. My only data point seems to have a pretty good social life along with the studying and training....
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