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Soft vs. Hard Sport

ShesOnHerWayShesOnHerWay 719 replies38 threads Member
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What are considered soft or hard sports at college? Are they different for men or women? Are they different depending on the college designation: D1, D2, D3?
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Replies to: Soft vs. Hard Sport

  • keylymekeylyme 2778 replies47 threads Senior Member
    ^^I can't answer this definitively, and my ideas are probably similar to what you'd come up with yourself, but as a starter...

    Men's basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball....all "hard" sports. I suppose soccer, lax, and wrestling too, even though it doesn't generate the revenue of football (but then, what does??)

    Soft: Track, swimming, water polo, squash, crew, golf, tennis, nordic skiing, ultimate frisbee.

    I am not quite as familiar with women's sports, but I would think "hard" sports would
    be lax, possibly softball depending on the school, basketball, ice hockey, soccer. I guess women's gymnastics is also a hard sport. Only 65 DI schools offer it and many (probably most) offer the full scholarship allotment. It is also recruited vigorously (and early).

    Soft....same as men.

    I don't know that there is a difference in divisions.
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  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Bowling!(soft), but the average athletic scholarship for bowling is higher than baseball!
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  • sherpasherpa 4799 replies96 threads Senior Member
    I've never heard these terms before. Could someone please define "soft sport" and "hard sport"? Is it related to scholarship money, popularity of the sport, or what?

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  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Money going out vs money coming in, I think. I mean via alumni support.
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  • PEQXC2012PEQXC2012 279 replies7 threads Junior Member
    it depends how good the team is.. a team could waste millions of dollar on a football team, or if they win the BCS generate 10s of millions..
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