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Do you have to be recruited on the top LAC D3 schools so you can play?

soccer92boysoccer92boy Registered User Posts: 106 Junior Member
edited November 2009 in Athletic Recruits
After reading all threads in Athletic Recruits, it seems to me that all players got recruited some how and some where from top LAC schools and been asked to apply ED. Does my son miss something here.

I did promote my son or sale my son to the coaches but really I did not recall he got any kind of cases as threads mentioned that coached push him to apply ED or offer a likely letter. So all phone calls from coaches are not real? Why do they call my son for? He doesn't apply ED because he is going to wait for a FA offer then decides which one is going to be his next four years school. At the mean time he has responded every coach question and has a very nice conversation with true answer.

Do we miss anything here?
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Replies to: Do you have to be recruited on the top LAC D3 schools so you can play?

  • EMM1EMM1 Registered User Posts: 2,583 Senior Member
    Coaches from top LACs prefer that athletes apply ED because it is the only way that they can guarantee that the applicant that they support will actually attend. However, recruiting goes on through the RD process, and in some cases coaches will still support applications.
  • FauxNomFauxNom Registered User Posts: 1,220 Senior Member
    When you say "I did promote my son ... to the coaches" it makes me wonder if you're doing the recruitment contacts and not your son. I get the strong impression that coaches at LACs and other D3 schools are very interested in knowing that the student really, truly wants to play the sport at that particular school, and are not just shopping around or trying to get an admissions boost. If you're the one making most of the contacts, that could perhaps explain why there's been a lack of really direct interest.

    Or maybe your son is talking to the coaches, and they have encouraged but not demanded that he apply ED. If he's been very clear about not wanting to apply ED, many coaches would let it drop right there. They may still have some recruiting needs during RD, and they're not going to put undue pressure on someone who has concerns about FA.

    When my D had picked her dream school, and the coach encouraged her to apply ED, I had a very direct and detailed phone conversation with the coach about the implications of applying ED or waiting to RD. It helped me appreciate the advantage of not waiting (though I'm still nervous about the FA award).
  • soccer92boysoccer92boy Registered User Posts: 106 Junior Member

    I did not contact coaches and my job is helping him to get notified by coaches by asking him to fill out the form on the school web sites, asking him to attend camps for recruiting schools, filming/editing video clicks and his visiting schools. He is doing all the talks not me. However I felt I am promoting him after I took those actions. Coaches would not contact him if we did not take any action. So that is the reason I am asking CC to see if I am doing right.

    Coach doesn't recruit my son but my son recruits himself to the coach so ED will not work for him since he is not one of coach the best choices that is what I felt. Am I right?
  • FauxNomFauxNom Registered User Posts: 1,220 Senior Member
    Thanks for that explanation. I think that's GOOD that you didn't make direct contact, and agree that it was essential for you to do all the other behind-the-scenes support in the recruiting process. I'm not sure if you're right about your son not being a top choice. Did any of the coaches he spoke with or emailed with invite him to do an overnight visit with the team? That seems fairly important as a sign of very intense interest. If he did an overnight, did he have a chance to really talk with the coach about his chances of (a) playing on the team and (b) getting support in admissions? If not, and there was no followup by the coach after the visit, I'd have to say the coach doesn't have your son high on the recruit list. Maybe he just let it drop. On the flip side, if there was a coach who showed serious interest and actually encouraged him to apply ED, I think the interest is there.

    A while back you said your son wasn't really going for the support or tip in admissions, so maybe that's the message that was communicated to the coach. If the coach heard that, he probably had no reason to encourage an ED application, since that's the time when coach support probably helps the most. That doesn't mean your son would have no chance of making the team.

    There's no way of really knowing without asking the coach directly how interested he is.

    Another thought, if you're feeling really regretful about him not applying ED. If there's a school your son loves, and he has already applied, he might be able to convert his regular decision app to and ED app, with the coach's support.
  • soccer92boysoccer92boy Registered User Posts: 106 Junior Member

    Thanks for your encourage and I am very appreciated your wonderful input.

    No, I am not regret that he applies RD only. He is a good student but not a D1 player. So I am happy he can play D3. Academic is number one. Sport got second. As a parent I just maneuver him to the right direction. Since I spent almost 50K since his was age 8 for soccer. There is no reason he should not play at college because he is not D1 material. So all of efforts I am doing is to help him to find a place where he can study and play soccer plus music. Only thing worry me was that there is a lot of threads mentioned about ED that made me think that without coach support and ED he will not be in the team. He is willing to walk on the team if there is a slot available.

    At D3 rule he can not participate a practice with team mates. There is no way for coach to know him if he does not enlist in a well known team or attended well known tournaments. Until I finished his portfolio he started to receive phone calls from coaches and interested on him. So I am wondering I am missing anything here, no ED and no tip from coaches that will hinder his chance to play at college.
  • FauxNomFauxNom Registered User Posts: 1,220 Senior Member
    I don't think you're missing anything, so just try not to worry too much! Keep in mind that this forum tends to attract people who are already well into the recruiting process, and not those who have been unsuccessful. I think you get great info here, but a slightly skewed sample. Your son sounds like a good player, and I'm thinking there will be opportunities for him at the colleges where he is accepted. There was a girl from my D's club team who did the same thing last year. She didn't want to put a lot of effort into recruiting, and she's been very happy playing in college. What I do recommend is that your son stay in touch with coaches, letting them know when he has submitted the application. Express interest. Fill out the athletic supplement along with every D3 application. (When my D did the athletic supplement for her ED school she listed her "other" sports, and was immediately contacted by coaches.) You just never know what might happen. I'm sure it will work out for him.

    Oh, and try not to think of the money you've invested in soccer! It was fun for the whole family, right? And it keeps kids from hanging out at the mall. Well worth the price!
  • glowormgloworm Registered User Posts: 2,392 Senior Member

    Since your son is doing RD, he could take some time now to look at the stats of all the players at the schools he is applying/will apply to, paying special attention to those in his position/s. They can tell a lot. Many will even say how many minutes per game the kids played. There are only 4 teams left in the national tournament at the DIII level, both men and women. They play for the National Championship the first weekend of December in San Antionio at Blossom Stadium. I know TX is big, but you might want to go to see the best of DIII, and have some fun in SA while doing so.
  • soccer92boysoccer92boy Registered User Posts: 106 Junior Member

    We do enjoy games with him. Especially the last season game was the last game for him. From that point he may not play soccer any more. Who knows? So I did ponder how this "soccer business" started. It started as casual and later became so serious. But if asked me am I going to do again? The answer is YES. It is a long journey of "soccer business" that makes emotion up and down since he was the second grade. It is hard to let it go. This has been part of my life so long. But this is life. Is it? Later he will be at college and probably he will choice out of state school (one state school, rest of them are out of state and private). After that find a job and wife then settle down somewhere. Do not move back to Texas. Actually this statement was from my church member. Now I though about it and it makes sense. But this is life. Parent.


    Thanks for your advise. Beside the minutes what else you are looking for? I checked out freshman playing time and stats and grab some sense of player level comparing my son. Is it okay?
  • glowormgloworm Registered User Posts: 2,392 Senior Member
    He will want to see how deep the team is at his position/s, how many of those kids get the minutes, what year are they? For example, if most/all of those at his position getting lots of minutes are seniors this year, it MAY indicate that he will have a better chance to get in, while if many/all getting those minutes are younger, he May have a harder path. In any case, he will have to do something to keep up his skills until time to leave for school, if he plans to tryout. He should also find out how much earlier he may have to report than other FY, as many will have fall sports practices at least a couple weeks before classes begin.

    Have you run FA calulators to see if your son will qualify for FA if you need it, or are you hoping for meri.t aid? I would do this for ANY school, whether going for a sport or not.
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