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Signed LOI, and now find that Fin Aid isn't doable


Replies to: Signed LOI, and now find that Fin Aid isn't doable

  • riverrunnerriverrunner 2663 replies52 threads Senior Member
    ilovepyrs, you win the prize for persistance. Thanks for checking in. Can't wait for the happy ending. Your daughter is soooo lucky to have you in her corner.
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  • keylymekeylyme 2778 replies47 threads Senior Member
    So very happy for you and your daughter!!!
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  • bballdadbballdad 122 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Happy endings are great!!! Best wishes to you and your daughter's success in college.
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  • hsmomstefhsmomstef 3455 replies124 threads Senior Member
    sounds like things will work out -- I can certainly understand not being all that interested in the first school. You wouldn't want to go through this again next year!
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  • glowormgloworm 2390 replies2 threads Senior Member
    I have followed your threads here and in FA. I am so happy for your daughter. May she have a wonderful four years!
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  • dreamer6dreamer6 53 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hope the visit went well!
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  • 22wins22wins 45 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hello ilovepyrs--It is now 'officially' July 1st, 1am. I'm busy reading all the posts on this CC athletic recruiting site, searching, thirsting for insight with the hopes my daughter (will be a senior in the Fall) will be inundated with phone calls today, after sunrise. Honestly, even if she gets 1 to 3, I'll be thrilled for her. Your daughter's journey in this overwhelming recruiting/application process is both heartbreaking yet promising. And because you are good people, I'm sure it will all work out the way it should and she will have a fabulous undergrad experience. So, your last post appears to be May 26th. I am left hanging! Anxious to hear good news...
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  • ilovepyrsilovepyrs 50 replies3 threads Junior Member
    August 1st, in 3 weeks she leaves and it did all work out, but the month of April and May were unbelievably stressful. I can't believe I have not posted in so long, but after the day we visited the school it truly was a whirlwind.
    To finish off the story for anyone who's interested:

    The visit was amazing, they were so nice and welcoming. The tour guide was briefed on my daughter, and that was impressive. WE met with Coaches, AD's and the Admissions liason for Student athletes. She loved it and so did I. She will be attending and so right away we had so many forms to fill out to get her up to speed with all the other admits who had been doing this since they found out April 1. She then graduated from her high school and there was so much going on JUne/July with all that stuff.

    She got her roommate and dorm assignment and lots of planning for that, communicating with the roommate who seems very well-matched. She has picked her classes and is so excited for this new chapter in her life.

    The old school is now a fading memory, and they did refund our deposit because of the circumstances (except for $100, but still I was glad to get something back and wasn't expecting it) The coach from the old school even called her a month ago to see how she was doing and also to follow up with the NLI release ( there is paperwork to file with the NCAA and schools with an NLI release, too) the old school gave her a full release, so she can compete anywhere with no penalty. The least they could do, btw.

    So what did we learn??? Well, what a few people posted in the wee beginnings of my other thread, when we were deciding what to do. which is: DON'T SIGN AN NLI UNTIL YOU SEE THE FA PACKAGE. (This is for the other sports, the ones that may not give the "full rides" you hear about for the basketball/football players in the big sports schools.)

    AND FINALLY: to all the people who followed this story, advised me, supported me, listened and sympathized, wished for us, THANK YOU. I really hope that this experience will help others in our situation.
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  • wilberry228wilberry228 377 replies19 threads Member

    Thanks for updating! I just read the whole thread start to finish and was so excited to find out right away how things turned out for your daughter!

    I fear this process because although our income is "high" so is our mortgage as we bought during the high of housing inflation and have lost enough value that we couldn't even sell and break even. But they will look at income and we will have a high EFC, despite low available cash. I know it's our fault but it is what it is. So I'm worried about this NLI, if in fact our daughter is offered the opportunity to sign one!

    One thing I have heard about is schools offering just a token amount (say, $100-200) to sign the NLI, with the promise that the rest is forthcoming in merit aid, etc. I'll have to be extra cautious after reading this story, even though it had a happy ending.

    Thanks again so much for sharing the whole story and I wish the best of luck to your daughter. Glad to hear that the NLI school was understanding in the end and it sounds as if everything has worked itself out for the best!
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  • fishymomfishymom 1707 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Ilovepyrs, that is wonderful news! I am so happy for your family. It is funny how things have a way of working out for the best, but boy when you are in the midst of it, it is a real headbanger! I am impressed that the "old" coach has been in touch, that must make your daughter feel good. As always, I wish the very best for you and your daughter. I hope she has a wonderful freshman year!
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  • fogfogfogfog 3868 replies188 threads Senior Member
    Thank you for letting us know how it all worked out
    Its a great ilustration for us all.

    Best wishes.
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  • sstewartsstewart 761 replies133 threads Member
    What school is she now attending?
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