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Questions I should ask Coaches???

lululemon1lululemon1 1 replies1 threads New Member
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I am a senior this year and went on several unofficial visits in the summer, and met with coaches at most of the schools. I still have about five schools I would like to attend and be involved in athletics in, and I am emailing the coaches. My questions are:

What kind of questions should I ask the coaches?

How do I get them to offer an official visit?

I just am unsure what to put in the e-mails, and am the oldest child, so this is a new experience for my family. Any suggestions would be helpful :)
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Replies to: Questions I should ask Coaches???

  • riverrunnerriverrunner 2663 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Hi and welcome to the CC athletic recruiting forum, lululemon. (good name choice: one of my favorite stores)

    What's happening for you so far in the recruiting process? Have any coaches been calling you? Have the schools you made unofficials to contacted you yet?

    When you send your interest emails, simply state your academic and athletic stats, say you are very interested in X school and believe you are a fit for the team. Coaches who think you might be of interest to them should start calling. You can't make a coach offer you a visit, of course, but it's good to let them know you exist, if your sport isn't one with showcase events or a good website clearinghouse where they can easily locate talent.

    If you don't mind sharing your sport and the league/division you're interested in joining, you will probably get more specific advice and information from us!

    Best wishes.
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  • lululemon1lululemon1 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I am looking at D1 and D3 schools (big difference I know) and after my visits two or three coaches contacted me through phone and email. I am a female rower, and mostly looking for coaches to give me a push to get into schools. With the coaches I am in contact with we have corresponded back and forth for almost two weeks. (Usually I write monday, them tuesday, me wednesday, them thursday, etc.) I feel as if I am running out of questions to ask them/things to tell them about myself, yet I want to keep up the contact incase they want to give me a letter, or visit. So my question is:

    At this point, after discussing basics (erg times, facilities, schedule, team outlook) what do I say in our correspondance to continue a dialog?
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  • fishymomfishymom 1707 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Hi lululemon and welcome. There are several rowers and rowing parents that post on this board, so we will try to help you. It sounds to me like you have been asking the right questions thus far. Have you sent your academic materials in for early reads at the schools you are interested in? At most schools, transcripts and test scores must be submitted before official visits can be offered. Have you registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center? You will need to get that done also.

    As far as how to get them to offer an official visit, I think it is perfectly acceptable to ask whether you are the type of athlete that they recruit. Beyond that, I don't know what else you can do. Maybe someone else will have other suggestions.

    Best of luck to you!
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  • zeinXzeinX 121 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Here is a link to a small list of questions I created to help when talking to coaches:

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  • mayhewmayhew 636 replies7 threads Member
    ^^I am agreeing with riverrunner that I love your user name - great place!

    Secondly, fishymom's advice is very good, and I am in complete agreement with her. At this point, you are right not to drop contact, and also make sure that everyone has your transcripts, and be sure to have registered with the NCAA. As fishymom says, there isn't much a coach can do without those school/score papers in hand.

    Also, the D1 coaches should be starting to imply that they are going to offer you Official Visits, by this time, I should imagine. They are in the thick of organizing the rosters for those weekends. Those visits will generally start in the very near future. If I were you, I would definitely be direct and ask them if they see you as potential recruit. I imagine the ones you are regular contact do indeed see you that way, otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time with frequent emails. I imagine you already have an idea as to whether your erg score is competitive with their programs, along with whether or not you are basically a "fit" as a student. As the shuffle of who goes on what visit continues, who cancels their visit, and so on, your place in the coaches minds at this point may be ever changing. It is absolutely your right to ask where you stand at this time, etc.

    There are a lot of great women's crew programs out there, both D1 and DIII. My daughter is also in the middle of this whirl! Good luck with this!
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