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Auburn Housing Question!!!

iluvbadmintoniluvbadminton 6 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7 New Member
Ok so back in January I submitted my housing deposit thinking that it was due on January 31st. I didnt put anything for roomate because I wasnt sure if I was going to auburn yet or not. Im pretty sure im going to Auburn now, am I able to edit my submission and put someone as my roomate?? or will I get a random roomate?? Please let me know!
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Replies to: Auburn Housing Question!!!

  • collegekid1455collegekid1455 20 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26 Junior Member
    @iluvbadminton They use a Room Round Selection to pick your hall and room. The first round is over and it was for Honors and RLC students. The second round is up and you can select a room. Once you pick a room it will tell you if someone is also occupying it, that will be your roommate. When you go to your housing portal, if you check at the bottom there will be a link to your room, click it and it will tell you the info on your roomie ( Email, Habits, Name, etc.) Check your Tigermail for info on the housing information email. I'm not sure if you can put a specific person as your roommate, but if you both pick the same room and hall it should work.Hope this helps!
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