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My chances at Babson

respacingsrespacings 31 replies11 threads Junior Member

STATS: SAT; 1380 700M 680CRW, No subject tests,
GPA: 3.7 UW (one of the top public schools in the country, known for rigor) Took hardest classes offered at my school.

EC's: Interned at Fortune 500 Company,
Interned at High-end PR Firm,
Interned at Nationally Recognized Museum,
President of Best Buddies Chapter,
Started a Social Media Marketing Agency and amassed 700K social media followers for companies.
Then I have a ton of mostly irrelevant ECs

Planning on interviewing in the fall, toured once and met with the rep at my school.
Planning on applying EA
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Replies to: My chances at Babson

  • waverlywizzardwaverlywizzard 191 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Starting a social media company and amassing 700k follower is a big plus for you. Babson is #1 for entrepreneurship and so your start up shows the mindset of what they are looking for in a student. Make sure to make your application highlight entrepreneurial interests. Your GPA is a bit low, but they will put that in reference with a rigorous HS. Good luck I think you do stand a great chance.
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  • respacingsrespacings 31 replies11 threads Junior Member
    @waverlywizzard thanks so much! I'm thinking about writing the Babson supplement on my discovery of my entrepreneurial interests and transitioning it into what I do now with social media and beyond. Would it be detrimental to write about something more personal for my personal statement, or should I focus that on business as well?
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  • gem0523gem0523 6 replies1 threads New Member
    your EC and obvious Entrepreneurial experience with most likely ensure admittance in the early action pool. Maybe we will both be freshman at babson in 2020!
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  • BostonKnowsBostonKnows 20 replies1 threads Junior Member

    Did you run the NPC to determine how much, if any, financial aid you can expect from Babson? If you don't qualify, don't check the financial aid box to increase your chances for admission.

    Last year only 43% of all enrolled students received financial aid so almost 60% are writing a check for $70,000...next year, tuition, room & board, will rise to at least $72,000 based on previous annual increases.

    Admissions people favor full pay kids. Not a secret by any means, but with a new president at the college, he needs to focus on the bottom line and $72K a year for Babson is a big bill.....other more nationally ranked schools might offer a better return for the same price in terms of prestige and resources--pretty campus but with just 2300 students, its a small student body in a quiet town. D3 sports, 30%+ international students and business only focus are important elements to consider. Take a tour, talk to lots of students so you can learn as much as possible.

    Good Luck!

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  • waverlywizzardwaverlywizzard 191 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Babson also offers merit scholarships. Take a look at the website for more information. Ranked #1 for entrepreneurship 23 year in a row, it seems just what you are looking for. Close proximity to downtown Boston and with its newly embedded graduate campus in the city. Babson's sports are proud to have several NCAA champions, including mens basketball, and some of the women's teams are nationally ranked as well. Give it a serious look.
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  • tchit87tchit87 144 replies21 threads Junior Member
    This is late, but I don't see how Babson could reject you. Your SAT is about the average, though your GPA is a little low but honestly its probably just a couple of B's which they would easily overlook for your ec's. If you had a little bit higher stats, I would say you would be a good position for merit scholarships (you still might!). I really want to go to Babson to learn entreprenuership with people like you lol. Hoping my high stats get me a merit scholarship though.
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