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Official Barnard Early Decision 2017

selzillaselzilla Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
edited July 2013 in Barnard College
Hey girls!
It's nearly the beginning of September, and I couldn't resist any longer after reading all the older discussions, it's time to start up the 'Official Barnard Early Decision' thread.

We've still got around 2.5 months to send in our applications. I'm half-way through the supplement, still struggling with my CommonApp essay. I've still got to ask for teacher recs, and I feel like a ball of nerves.

Who else is applying ED and how are you guys faring?
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Replies to: Official Barnard Early Decision 2017

  • artobsessedartobsessed Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    I'm applying ED. I already have some really good ideas for my CA essay... just haven't typed them out. Also have some general answers for my supplements, but they're not perfect, yet. I asked for my teacher recs in May out of respect, so they should be done soon. Right now I am trying to schedule an interview, either when I go to visit campus for the first time, or over the phone. I am taking my two subject tests (US History and Spanish) ASAP, and am currently in contact with my local admissions counselor as to whether taking the November SAT Reasoning test is too late of a date. If I got my math score up, I could be well into the 2200s, which I definitely need because my GPA is lackluster (horrible fresh/soph grades, excellent junior ones that just couldn't get it to bounce back.) My extracurriculars are check-plus-plus, though.
    And I'm a freaking planet of nerves right now (what?). I feel like I am stagnant, what with being so wrapped up in my 6 AP classes, three leadership positions, and working on my art portfolio. I feel like I'm getting nowhere with my app, so you're not alone in your anxiety.
  • StellaCSStellaCS Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    HI THERE! I am feeling very anxious as well. I'm done with my first Common App draft, and started my supplement, but I'm just wrapped up in the numbers. Which is bad. Awful cumulative GPA, low low low freshman/sophomore grades, great junior grades. Low SAT score, which must be brought up somehow! Lots of ECs, and a pretty good topic for my essay. The drafting for this supplement is going to be chaos. Ah! I'm just worried because it's such a reach...but we'll all get through this, somehow! :)
  • whiteoleanderwhiteoleander Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I'm in the same boat, ED 2017 (ahh!). I've started the supplements and common app essays but I know they're gonna go through so much tweaking before November 15th. Decent SAT (could be better, gonna retake in October) and match GPA for Barnard. Pretty good EC's I think? I can never tell what's "good" when it comes to subjective things like that. I'm looking forward to the Open House on the 8th of October! I've visited before and absolutely fell in love with the campus.
    So, what drew you guys to applying to Barnard early? For me it was the strong woman vibe since I'm a proud feminist.
    We'll make it through you guys, admission or rejection :)
  • swizzle13swizzle13 Registered User Posts: 426 Member
    Haiiiii gurlfrannnnns. I've been waiting for someone to start this thread! If it didn't go up in a week I would've started it! So, thanks for starting this!

    I've visited Barnard five times.....I've "officially" visited three times, but that's beside the point. I had my interview on campus in the beginning of August and it was with the lady who will be reading my application, and she said that it went well! So, I'm really excited!

    My school has this really weird gpa scale (it's out of 16 or 21 depending on the class and it's weighted and it's just completely screwed up). Buuuuut, I have an A- average. So whatever that comes out to on a 4.0 scale, that's what I have lol. My SAT Writing and Critical Reading scores match up with what Barnard normally accepts...it's just my stupid math score UGH. My ACT score is about 2 points below, but I'm retaking in a week. And I'm retaking the SAT in October, too.

    As far as my ECs are concerned, I'm a part of 10 clubs and play on the varsity boys golf team at my school. (I consider NHS and Spanish NHS as honors more so than clubs) I hold leadership positions in 8 of the clubs I'm in.

    I feel like a complete jerk for everything that I just said. Wow. Okay. Moving on lol

    I plan on heading back down to Barnard (I live in CT so it's going "south" for me lol) on October 8th for the open house, too! If my work schedule permits, that is.

    Thus far I've submitted my ED agreement (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I'm done with the Common App with the exception of adding my essay on because I need my Lit teacher to read it over once school starts for any grammatical errors I have. I've written out the answers for all of the supplemental questions with the exception of which woman in history I'd like to sit and talk with. My issue isn't not knowing who I'd like to sit down with-it's more like trying to pick from the many whom I'd like to talk with.

    What I love about Barnard is the community. I love NYC so much, and Barnard feels like its own little world in it. It's almost like an oasis. I've always wanted to go to a school with a curriculum where I can choose what classes I want to take, whether it's to fulfill requirements or to just learn. The nine ways of knowing really stood out to me. I also want to go to school where there are small classes. Also, I live in a household with my dad and brother. I was forced to grow up really quickly and assume the position of "Woman of the House". I have an aunt who I'm super close to, but it's still not the same. I like the supportive environment. Oh and I can't forget the financial aid part. The whole meeting 100% of need thing is really great for me, since my family is poverty level.

    I feel like Barnard is the best option for me. It fits everything that I've ever wanted in a college-not to mention, there's Columbia right across the street, too, so I'd get to utilize everything the University has to offer.

    I'M SO EXCITED TO APPLY. I just really hope I get in..... lol
  • selzillaselzilla Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    It is so amazing to hear from you girls. Ahh, you all sound so fantastic - it makes me love Barnard just a little bit more (if that's even possible!).

    The first thing that drew me to Barnard was it's location. I'm an international student, and I don't think anyone from my country's ever been to Barnard, so I had never heard of it. The college search on College Board said that Barnard was a 100% match for me given my criteria and I only looked into it, among the several other colleges that I had heard of, was because it was in NY. Then I visited the website, and kind of fell in love with it. It's just everything I was looking for. I loved the academics, the programs, the extra-curriculars...

    The only thing I'm upset about is not being able to do a campus visit. However, a friend of mine recently moved there and I made him take loadsss of pictures of the place (his cousin graduated from there recently). Not the same, I know, but the best I can manage. International/Alumni interviews requests start from Sept 3rd. Really excited about that!!

    I can just gush on and on about it so much. My friends all get really annoyed.
  • swizzle13swizzle13 Registered User Posts: 426 Member
    Barnard's location is really nice. It's such a cute little campus. Being four acres, it is small, but the buildings are so pretty! There's grass and trees (which is a plus for any school in NYC-the only colleges that I've visited in Manhattan that own lawns are Columbia and Barnard). It's an enclosed campus (which I'm sure you've seen from pictures), and overall it's just really nice. The atmosphere is really nice, and Columbia is beautiful also.

    I just loveeee Barnard so much! It's a shame that you can't visit!
  • StellaCSStellaCS Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    I think I'm just going to go ahead and be the one who squeals "Well, what's NOT to love about Barnard?!". Hehe, but actually, I love Barnard because of its energy. It's a really positive, growth-based environment (I'm sure everybody here has noticed that lovely vibe), which is so respectable. Also, the community seems to really respect everybody's interests--from what I have seen, you are supported whether you are an Astrophysics major, an English Literature fan, a dancer, etc. That is totally rockin', if you ask me! :D

    Also, I always get a little chill when I see the 'Majoring in Unafraid' motto...
  • ivwannabeivwannabe Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    ERMAHGERD this is so exciting!!! Future ED applicant right here, ladies! You guys I'm so pumped for this, Barnard has been my #1 choice since about october of freshman year.

    Anyways, my SAT scores are satisfactory in the 2200s, my GPA went from bad to good (I started off as barely top 20% freshmen year,) and I have a large sum of extracurriculars to help me out. Application wise, I have my CommonApp essay complete (YAY!) asked for my recommendations, and am starting the supplement. I come from a state not overly represented in Barnard, so hopefully applying ED should work to my advantage in some way.
    Girls, I truly am ecstatic at the prospect of starting the journey of the rest of my life, right now. If I could get into Barnard, all the bad times of high school wouldn't be in vain, and, wow, I would be tremendously happy. I'm also giddy at the thought of meeting some amazing girls, and making friends to last me a lifetime! I'll definitely stay stalking these forums for the next couple of months.
  • kitkatzz95kitkatzz95 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Hey ladies! All ED apps are out by now, I thought I'd restart this thread since it's been a little dead lately...so how's everyone feeling? anxious/excited/miserable/impatient?!?
  • swizzle13swizzle13 Registered User Posts: 426 Member
    I don't even know how to feel anymore. I'm anxious, but I don't want to be optimistic, nor do I want to be realistic about my chances. I'm waiting, and I'm counting down the days, and I'm still waiting for a stupid tracking number, which makes things even worse.
  • ivwannabeivwannabe Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    Hello ladiesss! My applications been in for a little over a month now, and my tracking number officially works. I actually have an embarrassing little anecdote which should make you all feel significantly better about your applications: I accidentally (duh) attached an older-unedited- version of my resume to the Common App, so Barnard, amongst other schools, will all be receiving that and I may have shot my chances. So, if you're feeling nervous, just remember that at least you didn't probably didn't mess up your application like I did.
  • Mariecc1Mariecc1 Registered User Posts: 183 Junior Member
    ivwannabe, you could probably try mailing them a physical copy of the correct version of your resume. I wouldn't worry too much. :)
  • rudywantsnycrudywantsnyc Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    I'm scared and impatient.
  • whiteoleanderwhiteoleander Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I'm terrified! I have a little countdown going on my calendar...just have to wait I suppose. It's kind of excruciating. Here's to hoping we'll all be classmates next year!

    ivwannabe- I would e-mail your admissions rep explaining the situation. It might be a bit of a silly mistake but I'm sure it can be very easily resolved.
  • whiteoleanderwhiteoleander Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    I'm terrified! I have a little countdown going on my calendar...just have to wait I suppose. It's kind of excruciating. Here's to hoping we'll all be classmates next year!

    ivwannabe- I would e-mail your admissions rep explaining the situation. It might be a bit of a silly mistake but I'm sure it can be very easily resolved.
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