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Please Chance Me!!

yorkie999777000yorkie999777000 1 replies4 threads New Member
I am currently a junior and will be applying come next fall. I want to go to Barnard and use ED.
While I understand that the coursework looks strong, my school hardly offers classes that are not honors, and there are many APs available, so the college might not be that impressed.
I also plan to take the SAT again and to take several SAT subject tests.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help!

I have a GPA unweighted of 3.75, and SAT Score of 2070
CR: 740
Wr: 720
M: 620
I was an Embracing Our Differences quote winner two years in a row (international competition)
I was a main character in the traveling Holocaust memoir play: Who Returned My Soul
Phantom Tollbooth (Villain)
I won 2nd place in an art competition out of 1000 applicants
I am our school's A Cappella Treasurer
Co-Founder and Vice President of a scholarship to give to girls planning to go to college for STEM related majors
I am in the Student Government as a member of the Cobalt Planning Committee (basically our school's prom)
I illustrated a published children's book
Suncoast Campaign for Grade Level Reading: Poster Contest Winner
History Club member
National Art Honor Society Member
4 Mission trips

8th grade: Spanish I
Algebra I Honors

9th grade: Biology Honors
World History Honors
Geometry Honors
Spanish II Honors
English III Honors
Drawing I/II

10th grade: Chemistry Honors
Spanish III Honors
Algebra II Honors
AP European History
Painting II
English IV Honors

11th grade: Pre-Calculus
AP Psychology
AP US History
AP Language
AP Drawing
AP Environmental Science
(What I plan to take)

12th grade: AP Stat
AP Gov./Econ
AP Lit
AP Drawing
AP World
Spanish IV Honors

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Replies to: Please Chance Me!!

  • sadovayasadovaya 140 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Rather than asking other applicants, apply! Seriously, what do you have to lose? With holistic admissions it is always a bit of a crap shoot, but you are a strong candidate and if you want to go to Barnard, you should apply.
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  • dragonflyrabbitdragonflyrabbit 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I agree. I would also suggest that you don't worry about this right now. Enjoy your junior year and do your best. Get involved in what you love to do. You won't hear back about ED for an entire year, worrying about it now is just torture.
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  • hpfulbnbearhpfulbnbear 18 replies0 threads New Member
    Start working on your application! Start your essays and supplements NOW, show a lot of interest, build relationships with teachers for recommendations, think about doing their summer program and interviewing this summer on campus, take the SAT and ACT again, aim for above Barnard's 75th percentile score, know that you won't be able to list all of your achievements (top 10 extracurriculars in order of importance, 5 awards) and that it's important to show diversity while still showing focus
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