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What are my chances?

yellowrocks75yellowrocks75 12 replies2 threads New Member
I'm a junior btw :)

ACT: 30 composite, 35 reading, 30 english, 30 writing, 28 science, 27 math (lol)
SAT: ???? Taking it soon, I got a 1300 PSAT with no sleep the night before if that helps
Class rank: probably top quarter, we don't do class ranks besides the valedictorians (which are all of the 4.0ers left if any)
UW/W GPA: 3.82 UW, 4.02W
Coursework: All honors freshman and sophomore year (8 classes per semester too), one IB math class sophomore year, and 6 IB classes both junior and senior year with supplementary classes like French culture and Theory of Knowledge
Awards: Science Olympiad, Tennis, Model UN, Girl Scout Silver, working on Girl Scout Gold, honors choir regional recipient
-2 years Science O
-4 years Model UN (most likely leader as a senior)
-Girl Scouts
-Founder of Civic Engagement Association (basically Amnesty International Club)
-4 years tennis
-French Honor Society
-Debate Club
-(most likely) National Honor Society
-2 years honors choir
-2 musicals

I tutor two boys both with autism, my brothers have autism and play for a baseball team for kids with special needs which I volunteer for, I volunteer for Bernie Sanders's campaign, I also babysit for many families (especially with special needs children). I love to help others and organized a feminine hygiene drive and a water drive for the Flint Water Crisis which I went to Flint to distribute to families in need. I'm also passionate about France and went on an immersion trip in Rennes and Paris last year.

I feel like my GPA isn't strong enough but I go to the best public high school in Michigan and usually in the top 10 public schools in the country. We only have one 4.0 in our grade and the only reason her grades are perfect is because she transferred to our school this year from an international school in China. I did test into my school to be able to go to it if that helps? I also took Algebra I and Honors Geometry in 8th grade so I have 7 years worth of high school math on my belt (which I hate lol) and I took 6 years worth of language courses, 4 years French, 1 year French culture, 1 year Mandarin Chinese.
My ACT score is obviously not finalized, and I can most definitely bring it up to a 33 or a 34 as I didn't really study when I took it. I have not taken the SAT yet but I am in April and probably one more time after that too.
2 replies
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Replies to: What are my chances?

  • calmomcalmom 20945 replies168 threads Senior Member
    You're fine. You are very competitive for Barnard. Your ACT is fine, no need to bring it up. Your EC's , commitment, and level of engagement are wonderful.

    I'd say relax, keep up the good work but don't stress over it. Barnard is not a sure thing for anyone, but based on what you've written, I would be quite surprised if you didn't get in.
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  • Brexit99Brexit99 101 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I agree with calmom 100%. Barnard will know all about your school and so will consider your record in light of that. The process is also very holistic, so they will focus on the overall "you". To be honest, it is the non academic aspects of your application that will make you stand out. I had an admissions officer say that that is what you really want--to stand out in some way so that when reviewed, everyone says, "this person will bring something different or unique to the college".
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