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Chance me at Barnard College ED

dreamscape99dreamscape99 19 replies16 threads Junior Member
edited May 2017 in Barnard College
Hi everyone! I'm a junior from El Salvador, and I'm absolutely in love with Barnard College. I plan on applying ED, and I would really appreciate it if you could take some time to chance me.

Intended Major: Astrophysics w/ minor in Creative Writing
Other interests: Psychology

GPA weighted: 92.47
SAT: 1320
(I'm taking the SAT again on August so I'll probably improve my score)

APs: World History (3), AP Spanish Language (5), Psychology (?), English Language (?)

Senior Course Load: AP English Lit, AP Spanish Lit, AP Calc AB, Computer Science (semester class), Photography, Astronomy (semester class), Comparative Gov (semester class), Latin American History (semester class), Research and Lab Design, Mixed Media

*I may take AP French independently so that would total 8 APs

I also took a total of six honors classes from 9th to 11th grade including: Chemistry, Geometry, English 1, English 2, Spanish 2, and Spanish 3

ECs: Animal Rights Club (founder/president), Book Club (secretary), Arts Club (co-founder/vice president), Ecology Club (vice president)

I manage an astronomy blog and a poetry blog where I post original work. I play the guitar, and I practice photography as a hobby. I plan on submitting a few poems and photos as a portafolio.

I also do a lot of service. I have a total of 560 service hours and plan on graduating with 800.

Additionally, I like to do some independent study. I have taken two online Yale courses (astronomy and physics 1), and I have also read a few astronomy books to expand my knowledge.

You could say my EC's are mainly oriented by the arts and service. I understand these don't exactly reflect on my major but I do plan on explaining that I am someone with many interests and that I don't want to limit myself to a particular field.

-AP Psychology teacher / College Board Reader / Sub Director: I presume she will write an amazing letter because she is very fond of me. She always tells me that I'm an excellent student and a sweetheart.

-Physics teacher: We get along very well. I think it's safe to say I'm his favorite student this year. We always talk after class, and I even have enough trust to joke around with him.

-AP English teacher: This one would be ok I guess. She's a good writer, but we're not close so chances are this wouldn't be the best recommendation out of the others.

-Counselor: We don't know each other that well, but from what I've seen from the time we've spent together she likes me and is very impressed with what I do outside school.

Summer: Mostly service projects. Summer of 9th and 10th grade I worked as an intern for my dad. I was his secretary. This summer I will be having an internship with something related to Psych. Nor sure what it will be about, but I do know for sure that I will be working for a couple of weeks.

I don't have an actual job but that is because where I come from no one can work unless they're 18.

Other Important Stuff:
I won a local video award for best short film.
This year I won a poetry contest in my high school.
I speak 3 languages: Spanish, English, and French
I participated in a national essay contest but the winners haven't been announced. I feel like I have a pretty good shot at winning though.

Thank you!
edited May 2017
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