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Reapplying to my dream school? (BARNARD)

lourdess777lourdess777 0 replies2 threads New Member
edited September 16 in Barnard College
I am a 2020 high school grad currently on gap year. I realize I've made the wrong choice in where I committed to go to college (enrollment is deferred until next year) and I'm going to apply to a few colleges this fall/winter. Barnard was my top choice when I was applying my senior year but I was deferred and then rejected (I chalk this up to the fact that I didn't submit anything after I got deferred and basically blew them off. Was struggling with my mental and physical health but that's an explanation, not an excuse). Is it worth it to reapply this year?

What I have going for me is an SAT score 200 points higher than last year (now a 1510), I seem like a completley new person on paper, I demonstrated interest last fall through an in person interview even though I lived out of state, and I was interviewed by them for a selective access program for Black, low income, high achieving girls. I applied under polisci last year which is a competitive major for barnard so I plan on applying for something less competitive this year. My current "activities" are an intensive journalism internship at a start up, voter mobilization volunteering, selling my art through an online shop, working as the editor in chief of a zine I started, and raising money for BLM through art commissions. Last year's activities were a job, speech and debate, varsity sports, pre med club, and tedx.

What brings me down is a mediocre high school record (3.6 unw, 4.5 weighted, 4 on apush, 5 on lang, 5 on psych, 3 on lit, 4 on stats). My junior and senior year I got straight A's (11th grade APs and honors, 12th grade all AP) EXCEPT for a D in AP physics I'm still kind of upset about but not too much because I plan on a humanities major.

My hooks are that Im a Black girl, first gen American, second gen college student, and family income is 30,000.

Im more than willing to pour my heart and soul into this application again and cough up $75 but is it worth it? Do I have a shot or am I deluding myself?
edited September 16
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Replies to: Reapplying to my dream school? (BARNARD)

  • happymomof1happymomof1 31021 replies199 threads Senior Member
    If you don't reapply, will you always wonder about this? Then reapply.
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  • SJ2727SJ2727 2948 replies15 threads Senior Member
    I would tend to agree with post #1, assuming you really are convinced that you committed to the wrong college and are not just doing this to take another hopeful stab at Barnard. Where else are you applying? Do the terms of your deferred admit require you to withdraw your place before you send in new applications elsewhere?
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  • boudersbouders 2800 replies196 threads Senior Member
    Most deferral agreements require that you do not apply anywhere else during your gap year. Make sure you read the agreement carefully. You may need to tell the other school that you will not be attending before you send in any other applications.

    If Barnard is your first choice, it would be best to apply early decision.

    They will have last year's application. Don't try to pull the wool over their eyes by changing your major to something rare like a medieval history major. They'll see right through it. It will not be good for your application.
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  • notetakernotetaker 2 replies0 threads New Member
    I think you have a few things that might work to your advantage... many international students will not be returning to the US due to Covid. Also, some who wanted to come to NYC may have changed their minds, again due to Covid (and other safety concerns... though NYC is still safe there's been a lot of talk about increased homelessness, crime, etc). Those factors will decrease the number of students applying. I know that Barnard looks at demonstrated interest. They usually have an open house around this time of the year. It will probably be virtual this year but you should definitely attend. When my kid went to the open house, she was allowed to sit in on a class. Maybe you might have a chance to do that as well.
    To me, you sound like a perfect Barnard student; politically active, creative, takes initiative, and resilient. Based on your family's income, you qualify to have the application fee waived. Do apply and best of luck. You are going to do great no matter where you end up.
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