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Safeties/Matches for Barnard Applicants?

fhgfhg 1338 replies38 threads Senior Member
edited August 2008 in Barnard College
So this might be a strange question to ask but what other schools did you/your daughters apply to? I've fallen completely in love with Barnard and am planning on applying ED but do need some safeties and matches and am kind of stuck. I figured people who applied to Barnard may have some good insight.
edited August 2008
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Replies to: Safeties/Matches for Barnard Applicants?

  • ittkneeittknee 121 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Barnard was a reach for me and I was eventually waitlisted.
    The other schools that I applied to (and their decisions) were Macalester (waitlist), Hofstra (accepted), Scripps (accepted), Sarah Lawrence (accepted), Mount Holyoke (accepted), Wellesley (accepted), Bryn Mawr (accepted) and Vassar (rejected).

    I tend to find that Barnard applicants go for other Seven Sister schools or schools of Ivy League caliber and they fair well in both areas.

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  • calmomcalmom 20945 replies168 threads Senior Member
    My d. really wanted NYC so she added Fordham as a last-minute safety; she also applied to (and got into) NYU (Gallatin). I had encouraged her to look at Goucher as a safety but she didn't like it. Although I am surprised that she was accepted, in a sense U. of Chicago was good backup -- statistically, they do accept a higher percentage of applicants than Barnard.

    It all kind of depends on why you want Barnard.
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  • churchmusicmomchurchmusicmom 3980 replies79 threads Senior Member
    My daughter applied and was accepted to U Mich. Her criteria for choosing schools to apply was rather limited, though: she wanted strong dance and strong academics, and Barnard and U Mich seemed to fit those, although these are two VERY different environments. She did get into Michigan, but Barnard was her first choice.
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  • baehrr09baehrr09 85 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hey fhg, I know how you feel. I think your safety schools and the matches all depend on what you are interested in, and where you could see yourself. There are lots of schools that I think I could get accepted to, but after touring them, I wouldn't want to go back! For me, I am looking at schools that can offer me great music programs, and Barnard happens to be one of them. I wish you luck, and I hope we both get in!

    By the way, I know that the common app website opens up July 1, but does anybody know when Barnard releases the supplement to the application?
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  • fhgfhg 1338 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Thanks everyone! I got some good ideas from your lists...
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  • aube88aube88 308 replies49 threads Member
    I think Tufts is sort of similar to Barnard - very near a city but not a city campus, sort of in-between a LAC and big university. I didn't apply to Vassar, but have lots of Barnard friends who did so that's another thought. In terms of schools that are easier to get into, it all depends on what youre looking for, but I'd recommend Scripps (all-girls but in a five-college consortium where all the colleges are bordering e/o, in beautiful Cali!), Sarah Lawrence, Bard, Skidmore, and BU or Fordham if you want to be in a city.
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  • MLeighMLeigh 95 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Well, I think NYU is an obvious choice... and I agree with the people who have said Scripps; I think they are similar in many ways.

    I didn't apply to either of those schools, though I came close... my safety was BU.
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  • churchmusicmomchurchmusicmom 3980 replies79 threads Senior Member
    My daughter considered NYU, in fact she first visited Barnard while on a three week dance intensive there. It has a very different feel, however, from Barnard as well as different academic structure. It would have been difficult to study dance at a high level there and also pursue challenging academics, I believe.

    She is considering NYU for grad, though.
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  • MLeighMLeigh 95 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, I'm planning on doing film, and I ended up not applying to NYU because I thought that the nature of the Tisch program was way too pre-professional for me... definitely not as academic an environment as Barnard, and very restricting.

    That said, I know people who want desperately to be in the city, and they applied/are applying to NYU for that reason, even if it's not a first choice. And while I don't think that their College of Arts and Sciences is as academic as Barnard, either, it's much more similar than Tisch would be.

    GWU might also be another thought... it's more like NYU than it is like Barnard, certainly, but if your objective is being in a city it could be a pretty decent backup.
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  • eccentricmeeccentricme 101 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Hey, Barnard did not accept me(i applied regular) but I'll still put my colleges. I applied to Barnard and Cooper Union as reaches(didnt get into either) NYU as a match(Accepted),Fordham University(Accepted, Attending) and Stevens IT and NJIT(As Safeties, I am from NJ)

    hope I helped, and BEST OF LUCK =]
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threads Senior Member
    D attends Barnard.

    Her list: Brown, Barnard, Bard, Mt. Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence, Smith, Fordham, Skidmore, Binghamton, UMassAmherst.

    Accepted to all but Brown.
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  • mia305mia305 330 replies20 threads Member
    You are apparently confusing Barnard with Columbia. Barnard is a safety for Chicago, not the other way around. Barnard is also a popular safety for Columbia. IMO Mount Holyoke and Scripps are equivalent to Barnard, and not safeties.
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  • KaydadKaydad 27 replies1 threads New Member
    IMHO don't count on Mount Holyoke as a safety.
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  • calmomcalmom 20945 replies168 threads Senior Member
    Barnard is not a "safety" for anyone.

    A "safety" is a school where you are absolutely sure of being admitted. Because Barnard is highly selective and uses a holistic admission process, it is not a sure thing for anyone -- your "stats" could be well above the norm and you could find yourself shut out because your essay and recs are unconvincing.
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  • PhedrePhedre 299 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I was accepted to Barnard and applied to:

    Amherst (rejected), Swarthmore (rejected), Bard (accepted), SUNY New Paltz (accepted), SUNY Geneseo (accepted), Tufts (waitlisted)
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  • mia305mia305 330 replies20 threads Member
    For reference, here's barnard (#30) +/- 15 on the USNWR LAC list:

    15. Harvey Mudd College(CA)
    15. Washington and Lee University(VA)
    17. Smith College(MA)
    17. Hamilton College(NY)
    17. Colgate University(NY)
    20. United States Naval Academy(MD)
    20. Oberlin College(OH)
    22. Colby College(ME)
    22. United States Military Academy(NY)
    24. Bates College(ME)
    24. Bryn Mawr College(PA)
    26. Colorado College
    26. Macalester College(MN)
    28. Scripps College(CA)
    28. Mount Holyoke College(MA)
    30. Bucknell University(PA) \
    32. Kenyon College(OH)
    33. College of the Holy Cross(MA)
    34. Trinity College(CT)
    34. Lafayette College(PA)
    36. Occidental College(CA)
    37. Bard College(NY)
    37. Furman University(SC)
    37. Whitman College(WA)
    40. Union College(NY)
    40. Franklin and Marshall College(PA)
    40. Sewanee—University of the South(TN)
    40. University of Richmond(VA)
    44. Connecticut College
    44. Centre College(KY)
    44. Dickinson College(PA)
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