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Baylor 2 Medical Track Program

bluffs20bluffs20 0 replies1 threads New Member
Has anyone been accepted into the next round of finalists for the B2B Medical Track?! (They said they would release acceptances by or before 12/13)
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Replies to: Baylor 2 Medical Track Program

  • Canyon2020Canyon2020 9 replies0 threads New Member
    DD contacted the admin office and was told that this year Baylor received a lot of qualified applicants for the B2B, and the decision will be sent out on 12/13.
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  • BSMDStarBSMDStar 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Can accepted students please post stats, experiences, or anything that could have contributed to their acceptance for the interview? I am very interested in this program.
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  • fp2028fp2028 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I was accepted yesterday for the program. It is one of the harder ones to get into since it is a two-step process. I am not gonna post stats or specifics about me to preserve my privacy, but can answer questions about the program or the process.
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  • Chrane03Chrane03 19 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Three questions:

    Did you volunteer in a hospital before applying? If not, how did you demonstrate interest in medicine/medical school?

    What do you think distinguished you from the other candidates? Race, awards, interview, essay, etc.

    Can you receive a full-tuition scholarship for undergrad with the Baylor2 program?
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  • fp2028fp2028 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I did volunteer at a hospital. Find opportunities to explore your interests in medicine (shadowing, etc)

    I had a good essay and my interviews went well. Have a teacher or a mentor help you with your essay(s). I had genuine experiences and observations about healthcare.

    No, but there are good scholarships offered by Baylor based on academic and other factors.
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  • Chrane03Chrane03 19 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Now I'm torn between applying for Baylor2 or getting a full undergrad scholarship to Baylor.

    I mean, Baylor if you're watching, please give me either. I hate Connecticut. Please. Baylor. Please give me a full scholarship.

    I think that worked and I will be expecting a call from Baylor sometime in the next few days.
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