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My chances of being accepted?

Blobman469Blobman469 0 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to college confidential but it seems like a very useful website :).
So BC is my #1 choice right now and I just wanted to see my chances of being accepted. I'm planning to apply ED this year mainly to boost my chances of being accepted because they said they're planning to fill 40-60% of the class of 2024 through ED. I know my application isn't very strong especially my SAT. I'm just hoping to stand out amongst the lower SAT scorers. I am either planning to apply to Lynch School of Education for elementary education or Finance in CSOM. Thank you so much!!

Stuff about me:
I'm Korean-American, I lived in the states for 12 years and 6 years in Korea now. I'm also home-schooled. My SAT score as of now is only 1310, but I'm planning to take it in October again and hopefully, I can raise it to 1400. My GPA is 3.87. I can't really take many APs due to my financial situation so I've only taken 5 including my senior year. I also can't take the AP tests because international schools here don't allow homeschoolers to take the test (But I've explained that in the additional information section of the Common App).

1. I'm a sparring athlete part of Kyung-hee university taekwondo and I've won 12 out of 18 competitions.
2. I volunteer at an orphanage where I take the teens to do leadership/teamwork activities so they are prepared when they are forced to leave at 18.
3. I founded a photography club and I run the meetings and competitions. We also donate 80% of our profit from photoshoots to the orphanage.
4. In 9th grade, I had an internship at an English academy where we taught Korean kids.
5. In 10, 11, and 12th grade, I got a job as a teacher at the same academy and now I teach classes, organize events, field trips, and parties, and I create the curriculum for students.
6. I also offer additional help for struggling kids and kids with learning disabilities. We go over and review and talk about ways to learn more effectively.
7. I also attend church and I help in organizing the retreats, missions, and meetings. I also play the drums in the youth praise team and I am in charge of a Bible study group.
8. I learn Mandarin as a hobby. I passed the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) for levels 3 & 4.
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Replies to: My chances of being accepted?

  • bluebayoubluebayou 26770 replies174 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    since ED is new this year, no one can do chances since we have no idea. As a homeschooler, the SAT becomes more important. Spend some time this summer prepping. Or, try the ACT.

    Finance in CSOM requires a strong math score....the Lynch School is only for future teachers/educators, so you need to decide a path over the next few months.
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  • nickgajnickgaj 11 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    This is their first year doing ED. I suspect that they won’t get as many applicants and also that your chances for ED 1 are very high. Your SAT is pretty good so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Good luck!
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