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Chance me (Boston College)

miadonaldsonmiadonaldson 1 replies3 threads New Member
Hi! Just curious:
- High School: Small public school, but a highly renowned one. Blue Ribbon school, extremely competitive. I also don't anticipate many people to be applying to BC, but those who do will be strong competitors.
- GPA: 3.95 unweighted, 4.50 weighted
- AP Classes: APUSH, AP Euro, AP Lang, Ap Lit, AP Bio, AP Spanish (not a ton, but my school doesn't allow us to take AP's until Junior year, and there aren't many to choose from) + 2 dual-enrollment classes
- ACT: 30

- JV Field hockey freshman year, Varsity sophomore-senior, & I won a section award last year
- Yearbook member for three years, VP last year and president this year
- VP of human rights club
- Chief editor of school video news
- Member of student govt, for four years. I haven't been interested in holding an officer position but I help out consistently.
- Various volunteering efforts, most notably with a local historical site, an animal shelter, and with NHS
- Internship with a local newspaper for most of the last summer
- Part-time job starting mid junior year ~6-10 hrs a week

I haven't worked on supplementals yet but my common app essay is, I think, very strong; Writing has always been my strong suit, and I wrote about a particularly poignant topic regarding my upbringing which is very important to me and I think it shows.

I plan to apply ED, so hoping this will help because BC is my top choice. Thanks!
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  • Techno13Techno13 298 replies11 threads Member
    Check out Boston College common data set and see where you fit in stat-wise. I think your ACT is on the lower side-- do you have other test scores you can submit or have time for a retake? (AP exams?) ED you have a decent shot--best of luck.
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 5500 replies79 threads Senior Member
    You have an interesting set of ecs and may be something different with the art background. Your academics are amazing. Congrats. I’m sure you realize it’s a reach for everyone and a high reach for most in 2020. 8 out 10 really talented and amazing students end up with a tough decision. All end up somewhere great in the end. You will too.
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