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Boston College EDII

Adaly20Adaly20 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys, I'm applying EDII to Boston College and am really worried about all the competition at my school. There's a lot of kids with legacy and scores over 1500 that are applying RD. At least 4 kids are applying EDII. Does EDII get looked at first or is it just one big pile of ED and RD.

I'm just wondering if I have any shot with a 32 ACT, 101.3ish GPA, and, I think, strong ECs and strong essays.
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Replies to: Boston College EDII

  • bbfan1927bbfan1927 189 replies22 threads Junior Member

    >>> Does EDII get looked at first or is it just one big pile of ED and RD<<<


    Im confused by your question or rather, you appear to be confused by your own question. Let me break it down for you. There is ED1, ED2 and RD. If BC is your top school and you are looking to game the system- ED's are typically the easiest path for acceptance. ED's are a stand alone approve/deny process with the occasional deferment. RD will likely be very competitive this year. Based upon your limited description of stats, hard to give you my opinion. Good luck.
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  • Adaly20Adaly20 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I just applied EDII this morning. I should better word my question like this: When the BC admissions team is reading applications do they look at RD and EDII together or do they look at EDII send them out and then start looking at RD?

    I feel like there's no way anyone could know their exact process but I'd assume they'd probably just go by the normal way of doing it.
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 6439 replies128 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2019
    Ed 2 will gets its own read in light of the commitment to the school.

    They probably are screening RD as they come in to sort piles. They will also look at the qualities of the pools.

    In Ed 1 they seem to have been pretty consistent that they took a “would we admit this student in general”. If yes. It’s a yes. If it’s a maybe then probably a yes or deferral. That’s the Ed advantage. Close call or maybe may get in.

    So they will look at you relative to Ed 2 applications but have a general feel for minimum standards and fit.

    They won’t reject you because they have ten rd applications exactly like yours. You will have the advantage over those ten, assuming all look like the right fit.

    Good luck and hope you get great news!
    edited December 2019
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  • njstudent118njstudent118 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello, I know this is adaly's post but i was just wondering if I could also get a chance me for EDII

    emt, volunteers 6+ hours a week and has very strong medical extracurriculars (applied to morrissey) lowish gpa, 3.65 and 1490 sat, but in the top 10 most competitive high schools in the state and have taken only honors/aps/ibs (4 aps, 6 ibs) i'm also first gen and catholic im confident in my recs and essays but im still very anxious
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