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BU Transfer Chances?

laxdude43laxdude43 163 replies73 threads Junior Member
edited November 2013 in Boston University
Hello, I am wondering if I am a candidate to transfer to BU. Currently I am a freshman Virginia Tech currently an undecided student.

As of right now I have a 3.7 GPA while taking the standard 15 credit course load. I would be applying for the fall of 2014. Hypothetically if I kept my grades at the 3.6+ threshold what would my chances be?
Currently taking:
US History
European History
Honors Freshman English
Intro World Politics
Freshman Seminar

Planning on taking
Intro Business Information Systems
Creative Writing
Intro Sociology
Calc I
Astronomy or Computer Science

I would be applying to the College of Arts and Sciences

I have many ECs from High School and right now am involved with intramural sports and 1 other sports club

From a Private Prep School I had a 3.4 UW GPA with an upward trend along with a 31 ACT score. I was previously denied from BU when I applied in High School.

Any Info would be greatly appreciated
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Replies to: BU Transfer Chances?

  • laxdude43laxdude43 163 replies73 threads Junior Member
    Do I have a chance? Or should I apply next year?
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  • Hugh1020Hugh1020 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Anyone heard anything from admission committee?
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  • Carolina10Carolina10 15 replies1 threads New Member
    Definitely sounds like you have a good shot at getting into BU, worth applying. Since you are applying after only completing your first 15 semesters, I think your high school grades will weigh pretty heavily into the decision.

    I only speak on my experience. So for what it's worth... I started at Virginia Tech last fall (2012), but knew I wanted to transfer. Got around a 3.3 in just the one semester at VT.

    Returned home and went to community college for the spring semester. Decided to just wait out the additional year and continue to take community college classes. Including this current semester and the previous spring semester (30 credits), my grades have been all A's.

    Having completed more credits and gotten good grades, my options to apply as a transfer are a lot better this time around compared to last year.

    Of course community college isn't Virginia Tech in terms of socializing, the experience, and all the stuff that makes college great, but I've been happy with my decision. Knowing I wanted to transfer I think it was the better route.

    So if you do have to apply next year just be patient, the time will pass and as a "junior transfer" (applying sophomore year) I believe colleges are a lot more accepting--once they see consistency in grades.

    Final note i'll throw in, I came across this thread because I'm also considering applying to BC or BU (Not sure I could get into BC). Also, What are your "pros" for transferring to BU? Just wondering. I'm not really familiar with the school. A complete difference from VT!
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